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General News · 23rd May 2022
The meeting is on my birthingday! It feels symbolically appropriate to be talking about alternative education the day Alder turns 5.
A new sociocratic circle organization is forming to support more different education options on Cortes. (See website for more on sociocracy.) The inspiration for this meeting is to find out what's needed and wanted, to inform the work of the circle.

The meeting is Thursday May 26th, 3 to 5 PM, in the field at Smelt Bay Park. We're planning to have someone facilitate games on the field for kids whose parents are at the meeting. Feel free to show up with your kids of any age, that's part of how this works.

In the first hour, we'll be asking these questions:
What is your family doing for education, childcare and social opportunities?
What could make it better?
If resources were no object, what would you choose? If something new and wonderful is about to happen for our kids, what might it be?

The second hour will be about working together to make new and wonderful things happen.

I acknowledge that we'll be meeting on midden soil left from thousands of years of human activity that I know next to nothing about. In gathering outdoors to make conscious decisions about how we teach and raise our children, I hope we're behaving like decent human beings on the land.

I'm not sure what the dragon is doing at the meeting --- she has a way of showing up in unexpected places.