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General News · 28th February 2022
Dancing Wolf
This is a poetic Bouquet of Gratitude to Mary Lavelle and Mark Christian for their 22 years of combined service to Manson's Hall and the Cortes Community!

For Mary

She Gives It Wings

There are moments that we make
more meaningful than time
With folks that give more than take
people that help us climb

Into a higher understanding
of even simple things like now
Mary has the gift of expanding
our thoughts with her know how

I have marvelled at her mind
and her gift of organizing
Yet it’s her heart that I find
to be even more energizing

She gave me her attention
while working on many things
Emotional comprehension
well, she gives it wings

Watching her in many situations
she is a wonder to behold
Yes human relations
she surely does enfold

Embracing Community Spirit
by action, yes by deed
Her presence draws you near it
there is such strength there to heed

These last two years have been tough
Two Hall Managers now gone
These words don’t thank you enough
for how your love for Cortes shone

Still shines it surely must be said
as we bask in it’s warming glow
Inspired to feed truth to my head
and love to every heart I know

Thank You Mary for so much more
than mere words could ever share
Still I trust these at their core
will reflect just how much you care

Dancing Wolf
Feb 25, 2022

For Mark

More Than This Page

Like trees on our sacred lands
Like the stones on Hank’s Beach
Like every pair of helping hands
there is uniqueness to each

When I think about our friend Mark
Yes, the one and only you
Gratitude, more flame than spark
comes clearly into view

The date is lost when we first met
though never forgotten, the smile
but it’s not your biggest asset
yet that one will take awhile

To fully acknowledge your integrity
I would need more than this page
So with passionate brevity
my heart I will engage

Many moments we have shared
and while we didn’t give them hours
I was witness to how much you cared
it’s one of your super powers

Balancing protocol with kindness
is not an easy thing to do
May your good work remind us
to our own selves be true

For your ten years at the Hall
for all the work noticed not
for every task one and all
wages not all the reward you got

Friendships made, more smiles as well
though not every moment was great
but all that time you answered the bell
and now new adventures await

Glad Cortes will be home still
happily raising your blessed boy
May your travels teach and thrill
and the quiet moments bring joy

Dancing Wolf
Feb 25, 2022