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General News · 26th February 2022
Jodi Peters
I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest CCHA Youth Program – Creative Critters!

This afterschool program is for all Cortes Island Youth ages 5 and 6 years old. This is a wonderful way for kids to connect whether they attend school or are homelearners.

*A note about age: This program is for primary aged kids, who are generally in kindergarten or grade 1. Since we are starting in March, there are some Grade 1 kids that may have already turned 7. They are welcome and encouraged to attend Creative Critters and stay with their grade 1 cohort until June. Kids that are 7 to 9, and in Grade 2, 3 and 4 attend the Kids in Action program.

Creative Critters starts TUESDAY, March 1st from 2:45 - 4:30pm, and will happen on and around the Cortes School Playground.

Michelle Venne will be the lead facilitator and Claudia Raaen will be assisting her.

Michelle is a certified teacher with decades of classroom and field experience, working with elementary aged kids. She loves being outdoors and engaging in creative arts with kids, and brings a very special, attentive care, as well as a fun-loving attitude to the group!

The focus of this group is: PLAY and CREATIVITY! The majority of time will be unstructured and attentively supervised play time on and around the playground, and then a segment of the session will be devoted to some sort of craft or creative activity.

All the CCHA Youth Programs, including Creative Critters, are free, weekly, drop-in programs. Parents do not need to stay with their child. School kids may come with a note from home to say they are attending Creative Critters, and then their teacher will bring them to the program, and parents simply need to come pick them up at 4:30pm.

All participants need to fill out a registration form and parents/guardians need to sign the CCHA Waiver – these will be available from the coordinator, or you can download them from our website at:

We provide kids with a nutritious, pre-packaged snack (usually 100% fruit leather and an organic granola bar). We have a mobile handwashing station, so all participants wash their hands with soap and water at the beginning of the program, and as needed during the program. We also have access to the school bathrooms.

Our primary contagious disease protocols are:
-Outdoor programming
-No child is to attend if they are exhibiting any symptoms listed on the SD72 Student Daily Health Check Form (available on our website).
-Good Hand Hygiene

If you have any questions or want more information please email Jodi at:

You can visit our website to see our other programs (Creative Critters does not yet have a page!)