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General News · 10th February 2022
Filipe Figueira
It sure has been a heck of a long winter, and an even longer 2 years of COVID! But, thankfully, spring is on the horizon, with all of its promises of new growth.

Our team at CCEDA will be spending a lot of our time this upcoming season thinking up ways to help our community recover from the challenges brought on by the pandemic and climate change over the past few years. Our focus will be on how to keep our economy and community life on Cortes sustainable and vibrant. 

2021 Review
The Village Commons
After receiving two project grants to clean up the Village Commons land and develop a site design and business plan to inspire the land’s future use, we spent the spring, summer, and fall working out on the land.
Following a series of community meetings and projects to gather input from you, we are thrilled to announce that the site design concept is now ready for viewing and comment. There is a pdf for you to download below. and more background on the project is available at:

Community Economic Resilience Coordinator 
In late 2021, we hired Filipe Figueira as our new Community Economic Resilience Coordinator. He is available to support entrepreneurs, social profits, and associated projects on Cortes, and is helping us to design and launch a number of initiatives to support recovery and resilience on the island.

Resources to help your business or project
We think of ourselves as an incubator for economic and social profit initiatives, connecting island residents with the resources, support, and funding you need to grow and sustain business ideas and projects. Towards this, we've put together a list of useful resource links that might help you figure out where to take your idea next:

Projects for 2022
We are currently in development on a number of projects geared towards supporting economic recovery and resilience. These include:

- Continuing to evolve the Village Commons land, keeping it safe and accessible for community use.

- Working with our partners to deploy a mobile “POD” on the Village Commons, providing public wifi, and a shared office work space for participating social profit coordinators.

- Supporting the creation of an integrated food resiliency network on Cortes; this includes going after more funding for shared food security resources and infrastructure, and finding more ways to support anyone experiencing food insecurity on Cortes.  

- Working with the Rural Islands Economic Partnership (RIEP) on a pilot project to promote enduring, respectful, conservation-focused, climate-aware tourism on BC rural islands, particularly during the shoulder seasons. The initiative was awarded Destination BC Co-Op Marketing Funds for 2022-23. 

- Helping new entrepreneurs to develop business projects, and to find partnerships and funding. 

- Helping existing businesses to recover and grow to provide employment opportunities.

Great things from little "CCEDA’s" grow!

Contact us if you have a great idea for Cortes.

Filipe Figueira & the CCEDA team