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General News · 26th December 2021
Noah & Izabelle
WOW! That was amazing! We werenít sure if anyone would show up with all the snow and the long driveways but this Island is full of adventurous, ingenious, and cooperative people! We were so touched by all the neighbours and friends that helped each other pick up and deliver meals. It was such a heartwarming and joyful sight to see!

The Christmas Dinner Take-out was a great success and we have many of you to thank.

Thank you to Billie, Dova, Peter Jackel, Lovena and Ryan. Peeling carrots and potatoes were made more fun with your help. Enormous gratitude to De Clarke for the turkey deboning marathon! Thank you to Kelly for your meticulous picking 250 beautiful sprigs of rosemary.

A huge thank you to The Gorge Harbour Marina and Resort for letting us use of the Floathouse Restaurant. Thanks to Bill and Tammy, Aynsley, Abi, Joel and all the Gorge store staff for helping us get the supplies we needed to feed everyone!

Thanks to Amanda and her family for baking and decorating 405 cookies again this year! You guys are a creative and generous bunch! Thank you to Shiva for decorating all the desert bags and for all your help with dishes and setting up the distribution station in Whaletown.

Thank you to Johnny and the Mainroad crew for plowing the Hall parking lots and road so that we could all travel safely on Christmas Eve and Day and every other day for that matter!

Thank you to Sara of Wildflower Produce at Reef Point Farm for the delicious, local produce. Thank you to Farhad of Fungisle for the locally grown king oyster and lionís mane mushrooms for our veg stuffing. Thank you to Becky and Scoot Knutsen for your farewell gift of 50 lbs of potatoes.

Thank you to Jim Kearney for helping with the delivery and dispensing of meals in Mansonís and to Wayne Roberts for helping with traffic and meal distribution at the Mansonís Hall.

An enormous thank you goes out to Bernice and Howie for answering my phone call on Christmas Day! Thank you to Shaun for going to collect the Hall keys and saving Christmas Dinner distribution in Whaletown. Itís a minor oversight to let Noah drive away to Mansonís with all the keys and lock us out of the Gorge Hall.

To Wayne Cruickshanks, thank you so much for stepping in and doing SO many dishes! You are a rockstar!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our invitation. Thanks to everyone that donated funds.
We hope you enjoyed the meals. We learned a lot from the experience last year and are so glad it ran so smoothly this year.

Last but not least, thank you to the anonymous wine bottle gifter. It was such a nice surprise to come back home after a busy Christmas Dinner adventure and find a gift hanging from our gate.