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General News · 8th October 2021
Manda Aufochs Gillespie
Like the old days... in person!

Friday the 15th from 1 to 3 p.m., the Linnaea outdoor tent.

(In respect of COVID safety guidelines and inclusiveness, this event will be outside and seated.)

The central question of the meeting:

How as a commUNITY do we come together in these divided times to care for the health of our community organizations and our collective well-being?

It’s been a year and half. Many of us are tired of being afraid, alone, and the seeming permanence of temporary measures. We are sad to see our community suffering: Our businesses, hardworking nonprofits, economy and sustainability and sovereignty, mental health, spirits, art, culture, fun events, hang-outs, and our waist lines.

As with all Folk University sessions, student participation points are given just for showing up. Because being neighbours in a community is a practice. We don’t have to get it perfect, the effort itself is rewarded. And these are challenging times. Individuals in this community hold a wide variety of beliefs and values in relation to COVID. How do we want to handle that? How can we cultivate cooperation, mutual support, and resilience while holding such different beliefs? And how do we find common ground when just about everyone is dealing with fear: whether that be of COVID, or the unvaccinated, or of the vaccine, or of government over-reach?

If we hope to inhabit a future that’s more connected and supportive and fun then we begin by imagining it. Let’s co-create a vision for how our community can find common ground and imagine itself into a future that feels inspiring, hopeful, equitable, joyous, and fun for all.

Please come with your experience (or your enterprise, business, or organizational experience) and your vision of a more united Cortes as it applies to you, your enterprise/business/organization. Or just come to listen and be inspired.

(The etymology of unity comes from Old French and means both uniqueness and oneness. We will strive for a sense of being just that: one community, with many individuals with unique points of view.)