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General News · 26th September 2021
As you may have already noticed,
Newts are scootin' again!

Rough-skinned Newts are now crossing the roads, heading back to the forests.

They use the roads as a corridor between their habitat sites. Road fatalities pose serious threat to newt populations.

Yellow and black 'Newt X-ing' signs have been mounted in areas considered 'hotspots' of larger migration, close to wetlands. However, newts can be spotted all around the island. Newt X-ings can be up to 1km long.

Please drive carefully and do your best to avoid running over the newts -- they look like small upturned leaves, or twigs on the roads.

Rough-skinned Newts are an important part of the island ecology, indicating the health of the ecosystems!

For more information on newts, check out our webpage on FOCI's Newt X-ing Project.

Take care on the roads throughout the wet season, folx! Thank you for looking out for the newts!

top photo credit: Robin Loznak Photography
lower photo credit: Steve Musial