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General News · 26th September 2021
Dandy Horse Bikes - Andrew
The other day a stranger showed up at my bike shop in Mansons Landing and wanted to buy an inner tube. He’d taken a water taxi from Lund with his girlfriend and their 2 bikes. He was so grateful that I had an inner tube to sell him because the flat tire would have ruined his whole trip. When I went to retrieve the tube from my shop, I noticed it was the last one in that size in my inventory. I was saddened to realize that I would turn away the next customer needing that size of inner tube. I am also now out of chains and certain brake pads.

It is an honour and a blessing to be able to provide this service to my community, and to the world. Without the ability to serve in this way, there will be a void in my life. The first year of the pandemic was hard on my business due to the absence of tourists and I almost shut down completely. The new reality is that worldwide there is a shortage of bicycles and bike parts. And personally I don’t think it will ever get better. My supplier is now asking for minimum $5000 orders, six months in advance (my average orders are approx $2000 per year). Because the rental side of my business tends to subsidize the repair side, it was by the grace of Hollyhock, who asked if I was supplying rental bikes, that I decided to stay open this past summer.

As a tiny bike shop serving a tiny community, the current challenges around obtaining bike parts is not insurmountable, but this could change tomorrow. I would like to ask my loyal customers and others with an interest in Cortes and in bicycles, for help. If I could raise the funds for a big order, I could ensure that Dandy Horse Bikes would be providing bicycle service on Cortes for years to come. I am open to any suggestions but ideally I would like customers to pre-pay for parts and service. I will continue to serve customers regardless of whether they pre-paid or not. Anyone who paid in advance could suggest which parts they might need in the future and I would consider putting specific parts aside for safe keeping for specific customers. I would provide anyone who pre-paid with a paper and electronic invoice to keep track.

I also have a large collection of used bike parts, which are now increasing in value, and am looking for volunteers to help organize my inventory. I am also open to work trade opportunities in exchange towards shop/parts credit. Let’s have a workbee! And while I have your attention, I am, as always, accepting donations of used bikes in any conditon. Please direct your queries to I am very grateful to have the opportunity to serve my community in this way. Sincerely, Andrew Dandy Horse Bikes