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General News · 16th July 2021
Amidst the change and uncertainty in the world, we have the opportunity to create stability through community resiliency and food security. And we can't have food without seeds!

Gardeners of Cortes and beyond- We're thinking of YOU as the first seed crops are ripening! We want to remind you of the community seed bank we are starting.

What is a seed bank you might ask?

-A community seed bank is a place where locally grown seeds are stored, grown out and preserved over time.

Why is a seed bank beneficial?

-To prevent the loss of genetic diversity of local seed varieties
-Generating and preserving seeds that are adapted to thrive in our particular bio-region
-Reclaiming seeds as a public resource
-Strengthening local food systems, increasing food security and community sufficiency!

Some additional benefits:

-Offering educational and community-building workshops around how to save seeds
-Raising awareness and mobilizing actions around seed issues such as patenting and genetic engineering
-Gathering stories about seeds and preserving their knowledge and history!
-Increasing access to seeds for community members once we’ve completed the collection phase

How does it work?

-Phase 1-2021 Collection: Gardeners donate seeds, we do germination tests, label them and pack them in our climate-controlled room. We are also gathering information on what seeds are currently grown on Cortes Island and what we could grow more of!

-Phase 1.5 soon and onwards- We will offer some educational workshops on growing crops for seed and saving seeds

-Phase 2-2022 Lending library: once we’ve gathered enough, we can start sharing with local gardeners! The seed bank will hold a set amount of seeds in storage and lend out a certain amount to be grown out for the season. This way, the seeds are adapting to the changes in climate and remain viable. The seeds are returned after the growing season and the cycle continues!

How can I contribute?

-Talk about it with your gardener friends- spread the word!

-Are you a current seed-saver? Fill out this form and we will get back to you about bringing your seeds in:

-If you’re curious and want to stay connected about the upcoming workshops- send us an email at and we’ll add you to the mailing list

We look forward to hearing from you,
Linnaea farm crew