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General News · 11th July 2021
Carol Lewis
Having survived life-threatening family illness and starting slowly to recover, we set out to discover the famed Carrington Bay Regional Park, swim and do a picnic. Unfortunately, the boom, boom boom of music invaded our truck long before we arrived. We walked through the pounding music over the bridge and along a trail for perhaps a half a mile but the only escape from the cacophony of noise was underwater. It was ridiculous. Disappointed, we left that beautiful bay to have our picnic in the woods. We felt uncertain about possible future outings, not knowing whether we would even be able to enjoy the park, if we came again. Why did one group of campers feel entitled to effectively take over the entire park for themselves, making it impossible for others to enjoy themselves? So they could have it all to themselves? But that's selfish. And why destroy the serenity of such a beautiful place? The bar scene in the wilderness is getting kind of old, isn't it? (Never mind the cost of hearing aids) And, aren't regional parks supposed to be for everyone? That enjoyment would naturally include sounds like waves lapping on the shore, birds calling, wind rustling the leaves and the presence of wildlife which have all fled under these circumstances, of course. It is not just the absence of nature sounds and wildlife though, that is so bothersome for others when they retreat to nature for self-healing but find instead a pounding, jarring invasiveness that drives them away from the sacred places important to health and well-being. Please think again before behaving as if a regional park is there for your own exclusive use and try to be more considerate of others in the future. Thank you

Additional note:
Further to the issue of loud music in Carrington Bay Regional Park (often on weekends apparently) lots of articles indicate this is harmful to wildlife, adversely affecting survival, reproduction, etc. Here is a link to one such article but a quick google check will indicate that there are increasing concerns about this adverse impact on birds and animals: