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General News · 12th June 2021
Yellow Flag Iris, a pretty yet very destructive and noxious invasive plant has been spotted growing in at least one location on the edges of Hague Lake. FOCI is working with the landowner to manage this patch. Many people like this plant because of it's pretty yellow flowers that are blooming at this time of year. However it outcompetes native vegetation and can clog shallow water areas and spreads easily. If you have this on your property, or have noticed a patch anywhere on Cortes, please be in touch with FOCI and go to the link below for management solutions. Laying heavy rubber matting as a benthic barrier to smother the plants causes the plants to respire without photosynthesis, exhausting the plant’s energy reserves. Treatments of around 70 days can be effective in yellow flag Iris eradication attempts. The seeds float in the water and spread easily, so if you see flowers or seed heads, cut them off and burn them or dispose of in the garbage! There are some recommended non-invasive iris alternatives on the web page. For more info see the PDF, or click on the link below. Thank you for helping to protect and steward the sensitive lake ecosystem.