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General News · 6th June 2021
Mike Brown
For those interested, here is a copy of my letter to Telus representative Brian Gregg.

(While the issue of telecom towers on Cortes is a pressing one, this posting will sit alongside others about the discovered remains of 215 First Nations children in Kamloops. I post this with sincere recognition of the tragedy of that finding, and with no desire to draw attention away from any posting that speaks to it.)

To Telus representative, Brian Gregg,

Thank you for your response to my email, and for the information you included.

There is no reason for me to comment on the specifics of your proposal for tower construction in Whaletown because, first, I am opposed to Telus towers being erected at any site on Cortes Island; second, your consultation process is unacceptable: A one month period to write letters, and no opportunity for in-person community dialogue, is unacceptable given the impact that telecommunication towers would have on the rural character of the island both in physical and in cultural terms.

An in-person public hearing is one, but only one, necessary component of proper consultation in light of something as consequential as the proposed erection of Telus telecommunication towers. If the current COVID pandemic forecloses that possibility for now, then you must wait until an in-person hearing that takes place on Cortes Island, and is open to the Cortes Island community at large, can be scheduled.

Pandemic-related limitations on public gatherings are no justification for the hurried consultation you are attempting to sneak past us. Regional Director Anderson has publicly called what you are doing "a joke of a public engagement process", strong words from our island's elected representative, concerning words that seem to indicate a willingness on your part to circumvent the right of Cortes Islanders to meaningful consultation on your proposal.

If you choose to change tack and pursue actual consultation with this community, an in-person hearing on the island needs to take place.


Michael A. Brown
659 Olmstead Road
Whaletown, B.C
V0P 1Z0
(250) 935-0224