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Still hoping to float her...
General News · 11th February 2021
Sunday late morning we received a call no boat owner wishes to get. At Mansons we saw the sight no-one wants to see: The mast of our boat sticking out from water. The prettiest boat in the bay, sweet Monashee was in Davy Jones’ Locker.
The whole what happened and how, is a long story I’ll happily tell if you see me and ask, for now suffice to say:

From Sunday’s heartbreak and fear of looming environmental disaster (inboard Diesel engine), with an amazing coming together of people, minds, experience and skills, by Tuesday afternoon Monashee was floating tied to the dock after sinking with a breached hull. Everything lined up as fast as physically possible with our tides on this turnaround.

Huge gratitude and shout out to the amazing pros on the scene: Crazy Horse Marine Service and Diver Mike!
If you are ever in Marine distress, call Jeremy. As someone pointed out: “If you get Jeremy, you got Hope!”
Mike placed the purchase ropes around the hull with precision and speed, and Jeremy with his awesome rig lifted Monashee. Looked like she leaped up! They brought and placed her on the grid, ready for night low tide repairs.

And all the people who helped, gave advice, and supported, I am so grateful to you. Too many to be sure to write all your names, but know that you all raised our spirits which were pretty deep at times.
Some key players, though:
Mark, first responder, my go-to on all matters about boats.
Randy, hauling gear off the boat during first night.
Volker, helping at each crucial point, half of the fibreglass patch team with
Leaf, who also lined up up crucial supplies.
Jenny, our harbourmaster, giving us solid advice, boost and resources.
Bill at Gorge Marina for providing us with an electric bilge pump and floatswitch

Now Monashee will, as soon as things line up, be taking a well deserved break up on land, after all she is 60 years old. We’ll put on our MMPA hats (= Make Monashee Pretty Again) and, gods willing, one day she’ll sail these waters again.

This wouldn’t have been possible without a solid community. We are so blessed.

Hannu and Mary
Crazy Horse Marine Service can get it done!
Crazy Horse Marine Service can get it done!
at the grid ready for low tide
at the grid ready for low tide
get that patch on
get that patch on