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General News · 23rd December 2020
I would like to send my gratitude to those people who were there to help me out. Please excuse me for not remembering any of your names.
It was on Sunday the 2nd, August.  I was  planning to attend my dear friend's funeral in White Rock.  When I arrived at my vehicle, one of the ferry crew walked up to my car  to tell me "You have a flat tire I can see from the ferry!!!!", "What no?!?" OMG! This vehicle doesn't have the spare tire, but I have the repair kit... but I never used it before. I began to panic while opening the package, then a bystander, a gentleman came up to me to tell me that "I used it before" and he helped me start filling the flat tire. Meanwhile the ferry started  to load. I'm getting nervous but the Ferry captain kindly saidto me " Don't worry, keep up, we have time". Finally the pressure gauge showed the right pressure so I was able to move my vehicle to the vessel. Thankfully a crew accommodated a special spot, just in case any problem occurred while traveling to Heriot bay. I was  very lucky that the tire held well. The Captain and crew member made sure that I was able to get off the vessel and slowly but comfortably drove to Quathiaski Cove.
I thank you for all your help and kindness, I felt safe and warm at a very sad time.    Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you all.