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General News · 26th November 2020
Gorge Harbour Marina - Bill
Now that its here
It was a good ride while it lasted but it was inevitable that Covid would arrive on our island eventually .
The store at Gorge Harbour Marina is back open , with regular service but we need everyone's help in keeping all of us safe .
A proper mask is needed to come into the store NO EXCEPTIONS . Pulling your sweatshirt up over your face is not a mask . If you forget we have masks if you just dont want to wear one call your order in for pickup . If you really want that second glass of wine but also need to go to the store how about you just let us deliver it for you , we really don't mind.
If you even have a slight cold please call your orders in . If our staff get a slight cold they generally need to play it safe and not work so spreading even a common cold to us ca cause some a loss income .
Our public bathrooms are now open during regular business hours 9 - 6 pm . The laundromat is open 24/7 . Please practice social distancing when using the laundromat or public bathrooms and again wear a mask .
We have been dealing with Covid now for close to 10 months and its exhausting, rules change daily , its hard to know how to operate safely and much of our time is spent going over new government memos on the subject trying to decipher what they want us to do next but it really is pretty simple .
Wear a mask , dont go out if you dont need to , keep your circle small , wash your hands and realize the actions you take can effect all of our health.
We re almost through the worse of this and we have been awesome at keeping Covid at bay , lets not let our guards down now .