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General News · 19th November 2020
Bill and Tammy
I am sure you all have heard about Covids exponential spread occurring throughout Canada and America , even on Vancouver Island weíre now seeing record numbers of cases. Remember about how aware of the potential danger we were back then by it all ? Remember ordering your groceries and getting them dropped off, remember wearing a mask every time you went into a store and how you limited your contact with other people, well Iím thinking itís time we get back there before we have cases here on Cortes .

Itís easy to become complacent and many of us have. I want you all to think about how life will change when you hear your neighbour has tested positive for Covid two days after you had dinner at their house, well if we act like thatís happened already you may never have to actually face that situation.

The most important job Tammy and I have is to protect our staff and ourselves from catching this while still offering a needed service to the community. I personally hate wearing a mask but I do, sometimes I forget but I am getting better , what kind of privilege existence do we have if this is our biggest complaint. We would like everyone who comes into the store at Gorge Harbour Marina to wear a mask please. Donít have one? We'll have some, but they are not free so bringing your own would be nice .

Covid -19 spread is horrible in the lower mainland, if you go there for whatever reason it would be appreciated if you ordered your groceries instead of coming in. We do not have any cases of Covid-19 here on Cortes Island but they are experiencing record cases loads on Vancouver Island and the numbers out of the lower mainland are scary. Next time you come back to island you may bring with you more than just cheap groceries and fast food wrappers.

I do not want Covid nor do our staff thank you so, please, if youíre taking a risk and exposing yourself to large groups of people off island please keep in mind the effect that can have on all of us who donít partake in that riskier behaviour but are still willing to serve you in a high risk profession that you tell us is essential.

Respect, thatís all it ever boils down to, doesnít it? Weíre willing to keep providing a service that we all want, weíre willing to come in every day knowing that there is a risk involved in our jobs that was not there a year ago . All of us could go on EI and diminish our risks but we donít. So if weíre willing to do this for you, will you be willing to wear a mask for us and order from us if youíre a regular town / city visitor?