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Photo by Gary Fast
General News · 14th November 2020
Gerri Davis
On this exquisite fall day, I went for a loop bicycle ride around Bartholomew, over to Squirrel Cove Road and though Mansons back to Hague Road. I saw eleven dead newts on this circut, run over by cars. PLEASE slow down and be on the lookout for these precious little animals. They cannot sustain this rate of attrition.... Most of the run-overs were on Bartholomew Road from Hague Road to Red Granite. One little guy had a worm in his dead mouth - they may be coming out on the wet roads for food. I stopped and escorted one from the middle of the road on Bartholomew and one from the middle of Hague Road, over to the side and off the road - very carefully, as their skin is susceptable to bacteria from hands, so I gently nudged them onto a flat piece of wood and removed them - in the direction they were headed. We are on Cortes - it wouldn't hurt to slow down in this time before they hibranate and help sustain them. They were here before us and, like all wild creatures, deserve our care and appreciation.
Photo by Gina T.
Photo by Gina T.