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General News · 26th October 2020
CCHA Family Support - Desta
Power to Parent - The Vital Connection series starts this Wednesday evening on zoom with Dayna Davis.

The Family Support Program and Quadra PAC are sponsoring the series to enable you to attend for FREE!

Dayna is certified through the Neufeld Institute which normally charges $250 per person tuition for this course.

The material and principles discussed are applicable to children of all ages. The focus of this course is on everyday parenting and everyday problems but the material applies even more so to the more challenging scenarios and problems.

Wednesdays on Zoom
7 - 9pm, Oct 28 - Dec 16

Registration is still open, register here.

With the Quadra parents, this is going to be a big group which will allow us to break out into smaller discussion groups based on age.

The full course description can be read here.

The course objectives include:

-to provide the conceptual underpinnings to natural intuition

-to restore parents to their rightful place in their children`s lives

-to provide a working model of attachment that is applicable to children of all ages and to bring the dynamic of attachment to consciousness

-to make parenting as easy and natural as possible

-to increase the ability of parents and professionals to think critically with regards to the parenting literature

-to interpret the science of relationship to those most involved with children and bring parenting in line with this science

-to cultivate an appreciation of developmental design and an ability to work in harmony with Nature`s blueprint

-to foster methods of discipline that are attachment-friendly and developmentally safe

-to reveal common parenting practices that are harmful (e.g., time-outs, using what children care about against them, working the incident, using force and coercion, pushing independence) and provide safe alternatives

-to provide a model of professional involvement that does not erode the parent-child relationship

Some of the many topics addressed include:

-dealing with resistance and oppositionality in children

-addressing the roots of aggression

-preventing being replaced by competing attachments

-disciplining in ways that do not divide

-addressing separation problems and anxieties

-raising children who are capable of deep and fulfilling relationships

-dealing with kids who seek to dominate instead of depend on their parents

Hope to see you there!

Register here.