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General News · 5th October 2020
George Sirk
Weekly, starting Wed Oct 7, 11:30 AM to 1 PM (PT) with host George Sirk.
An avid birder since 1964 George Sirk has a refreshing perspective. His enthusiasm and passion for the wonders of nature are contagious. His life-long career as a naturalist guide began in 1969 with the British Columbia Parks Branch on Mitlenatch Island. Afterwards he specialized in tropical ecology, from Australia and Papua New Guinea to Central America. For the past 15 years George has shifted to exploring the Arctic, first for four seasons in Churchill Manitoba leading Polar bear tours and then eleven seasons (travelling over 20,000 nautical miles by ship) through the Canadian high arctic archipelago and Greenland. His expertise, rapport with the Inuit, and knowledge of wildlife: from Gyrfalcons to Bowhead whales, walrus and muskox will mesmerize you. ‘On deck’ is where you find the wildlife, and that’s where he spins his yarns, sketches, and makes recordings that you will hear on ‘Nature Boy’.
George spent nine years in the political arena as Cortes Island’s Regional Director, relishing the struggle to champion the creatures and habitats that needed attention and protection. He’s been a host and regular contributor to CBC radio, and had his own radio show for four years: ‘Nature Boy’ at the University of Victoria and one season here on CKTZ. He has amassed a rare collection of audio recordings that he plays on the air: from Panama to Ellesmere Island. George is a proponent of James Lovelock’s ‘Gaian perspective’ and also believes that the earth is a self-regulating supra-organism.
Quality, attention to detail, and plain old fun is what you’re to expect of ’Nature Boy’. Come join him and experience his interpretation of “The raw, the bleak, the beautiful” Wednesdays, on CKTZ, Cortes Radio, 89.5 FM - 11:30 AM to 1 PM (PT).