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General News · 26th May 2020
Manda Aufochs Gillespie
From 1 to 3 p.m. on Friday’s Folk U Talk Show on CKTZ 89.5 FM

Feeling stressed, worried or just fed up with the gloomy news? It may feel intuitive, but being in nature is good for you.

FOCI, Folk U, and CKTZ have joined forces to create our very own ‘Nature is Good for You’ series to inspire you to get out, connect with nature and refresh mind, body and soul! This series will air live on the Friday Folk U Talk Show from 1 to 3 p.m. at CKTZ 89.5 FM and in May and will also be available as podcasts at and
This is what we have coming up. We hope you will tune in!

From 1 to 3 p.m. on Friday’s Folk U Talk Show on CKTZ 89.5 FM

May 29 The Alchemy of Forest Bathing – discover how to use the healing power of the forest
We invite you to join Sobhana Dilani Hippola, a certified forest therapy guide to find out more about this unique way of experiencing the forest and its many medicines.

Miranda Cross garden guru will join us at 2:30 to give you inspiration and answer your gardening questions.

"Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. Forest Therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to 'forest bathing'. Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition. We build on those benefits and look beyond, to what happens when people remember that we are a part of nature, not separate from it, and are related to all other beings in fundamental ways." (Association of Nature & Forest Therapy) We’ll also be providing a recording of a guided forest therapy walk for you to download, so you can go out and try this wonderful practice for yourselves!