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General News · 21st May 2020
Kate Maddigan
This is the second in a series of compost information articles.
Brought to you by ~ Cortes Island Composts ~
(Maureen Williams, Whitney Vanderleest, Phil Hey, and Kate Maddigan)

Are you a confident composter? Are you interested in receiving yard waste and food scraps from one or two neighbours?

Are you someone not currently able to compost your yard waste or food scraps, but interested in diverting this material from the landfill?

If you find yourself in either of these categories, we want to hear from you!

We all produce organic household waste.  Many Cortes Islanders are very capable backyard composters, recycling their own organic waste because they know compost is an amazing soil amendment for their gardens, and would accept more organic waste to compost if it was available.  Many others on Cortes either don't know how to compost, or simply can't because they don't have a compost system. By matching up people in both of these categories, we can divert more of this valuable waste away from the landfill and keep it here on Cortes Island.

Composting locally at the neighbourhood or community-level gives us many benefits: improved local soils, enhanced food security, less truck traffic hauling garbage, and increased composting know-how and skills within the community that is reinforced in the next generation. 

If you want to "close the loop" with greater organics recycling in your part of the island, please either email or call Kate at 0242 and give us your details.  We can try and connect you with someone who can accept or donate household organic waste. Those accepting organic waste may have specific requirements around what type they are willing to accept, and we will try to facilitate a good match. 

In the coming weeks look for more informational articles about topics such as:
• how to compose your compost – what goes in, what stays out, and how to keep things balanced.
• trench composting – a relatively simple for composting method that can even accommodate meat scraps and other materials that don’t usually go in a compost bin.
• vermiculture – keeping worms to do your composting.
• composting systems – we’ll provide some examples of excellent compost bins, with diy plans, as well as resources for getting pre-made bins.

Let us know what you’re especially interested in!