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Did you know that Pacific Treefrogs forage in low bushes & are great climbers.
General News · 7th May 2020
Seren Anderson, Christine
I am an early messenger of spring that we all love, but especially children,
I am shy, but I am also social,
I live in several different habitats,
Who am I? (Pacific Treefrog)

This week’s nature activity co-sponsored by the Children’s Forest Trust & Cortes Family group was inspired and developed by Seren.

How many frog ponds & ditches do we have on Cortes? Ask any kid, and they will tell you where their favourite frog spot is. Anyone taking a spring evening stroll will also know where their local frog hangouts are. Beautiful spring music for one’s soul. Kids need no encouragement to go frog hunting, but for you adults out there, perhaps the kid in you needs to be awakened.

We are not encouraging frog handling. However, it is very hard to resist picking up a frog, so if you do, follow these rules created by Seren:
• Make sure your hands are clean (no skin lotion) and wet.
• Be gentle & respectful.
• Stay low and cradle the frog carefully between your hands.
• Leave red-legged or mating frogs alone.

We can all be better observers of nature if we do one thing – stop, slow down, and open our senses.

When you look at a frog, what do you see :
• Colours
• Patterns
• Details of the body
• Size & shape
• Where is it hiding
• How well is it camouflaged

It’s fun to go back to the same site a few days later and look to see what is different.

Can you find egg sacs or tadpoles? Where are they in the water?
Look closely at the egg sacs or tadpoles.
What do you see?

Frog haiku: (5/7/5).

tiny, striped jumper
belting out my mating song
I am the loudest

Haikus anyone?