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General News · 25th April 2020
This morning I woke up to the post (see below) about Censorship on the Tideline. I added a note to it so everyone understands our policy. The author then edited the post, so you can see where this is going; We are not going to able to resolve it at this time, so I will leave it at this:

If you read something on the Tideline and you think the information is incorrect, please do your own research. If you think it would be helpful for the Cortes community to learn about your findings, write an article and share with the community the additional information about the topic. (yes, the topic, not the individual)

If you are worried about your rental situation as a landlord or as a tenant, talk to each other and if things are unclear, call the residential tenancy branch with questions about your specific agreement. 1-800-665-8779
Not everyone is getting the same information when they call, so it is best to call yourself so you hear it directly from them.
More info here:


Censorship on the Tideline

I think it's very unfortunate that this website is engaging in censorship by revising and or removing people's posts without the author's permission. It's important that we maintain a space online where people can have honest dialogue and share information since online communication is one of our best tools for connection at this time. It's important that people are able to correct one another if inaccurate information is being posted.

What is most important is that people are allowed to express their concerns about their regional director in public forums such as this. If we are not allowed to share concerns about those who govern us, we are not living in a democracy.

Editor's note:
As editors, we cannot post articles as factual unless we research each topic. As volunteer editors, we do not have time to do fact checks on every post. Therefore we are obligated to ensure posts are denoted as opinion. To avoid editing, ensure comments are confined to issues rather than directed at individuals.

While this policy has been somewhat lax in the past we feel it is very important that articles/posts are confined to issues.