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General News · 11th April 2020
Tanya Henck
There is so much that is challenging at this time. Resources have been limited. Access is limited. I’ve been reading articles around the world of suicide rates going up during self isolation and domestic violence calls are on an even higher rise. We, as the community of Cortes, are not exempt from these truths.
We have a population of people living in substandard housing. We have people who suffer from mental health issues. We have women and children living in danger. We had people living in isolation already.
I would like to remind the community to be kind and supportive during these times. Check in with people you may think need it, even if they are not a friend or acquaintance.
If you live in comfortable housing with someone who cares about your well being, that you can trust…. Please consider yourself lucky at this time. And please also consider that if you see someone outside of their house it may be the safest place for them to be. Consider that your negative judgements do not help their sense of safety or community and indeed make it worse. We are privileged to live in a remote, low populated area. We chose to live in a place with a lot of space for a reason.
Suicide and domestic abuse are just as real and life threatening as this virus going around. Dig deep, be kind. Try not to let fear cloud your judgement. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt. And do the best you can to take care of YOURself.
The 24 hour crisis line number is 250-286-3666
The new email for the Cortes Food Bank at this time is or call 0276.
For free one on one counselling (over phone or online) from Mental Health workers in BC email
I will be checking emails and phone messages at the Women’s Centre Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. 250-935-6501 or email