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General News · 31st March 2020
CISS - Gina
It is amazing how a tiny virus can disrupt our lives in such a short time: All social gatherings have been cancelled! So here we are, self-isolating, totally in the unknown. I know this can be frightening. It can be a challenge to find new ways of staying in touch with each other, and getting in touch with ourselves, during this time.

I’d like you to know that we (Cortes Island Seniors Society and all Cortesians) want to support each other as best we can. We are all in this together. In response, we are working to make sure there is real support for all who need it, especially for the most vulnerable residents.

I am part of a new network, Cortes Resiliency, in which most Cortes Island organizations are taking part. We are having meetings online to share what we are doing to deal with the situation, what further action is needed, what are the best practices for supporting each other in various ways.
I am in touch with Bernice McGowan (Cortes Island Health Clinic) and Linda Cartland (Augmented Home Support) to coordinate what we can offer.

I would like to hear from you about any concerns, questions, needs, or creative ideas you may have. I will do my best to find a way to deal with them, possibly with the help of other services when necessary. There will be more information coming and we will keep you posted.

Take care of yourselves, keep moving, stay connected!
- Carina (250-935-6793)

IN THIS TIME of isolation there is an increasing need to check in on one another. Recognizing the independence of Cortes seniors, we encourage you to participate in a communication network so that we are better able to support each other during this time.
If you want to be part of this effort, I need you to phone me (Carina 6793) and tell me:
• Would you like to be phoned by someone every now and then?
• Would you be willing to call other seniors?

Thank you very much.
- Carina and Elinore


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Walking Group – March 20 – Keeping "social distance"
Walking Group – March 20 – Keeping "social distance"