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General News · 19th March 2020
william dougan
One of the biggest challenges everywhere with the outbreak is the diminishing supplies available to people at stores . I am super happy to say that for us here on Cortes we re doing great !
What everyone needs to realize is that the shortages are not caused by an actual shortage of the food and cleaning items people need but the unbelievable hoarding that has gone . I have seen none of that here on Cortes and that is a big part of whats making the difference.
Suppliers have told me that manufacturers are ramping up production on cleaning items and yes toilet paper but finally some major chain grocery stores are limiting purchases by customers.
We are seeing some shorts on our orders , the big chain stores are getting precedent but the difference is minimal for instance bulk carrots instead of bagged carrots , same as potatoes etc . There is a shortage of cookies for some reason now and though i like cookies I can satisfy my munchies with other things .
Now with the American border closed and shortages in the states on certain fresh produce we may see shortages on those items begin until there is a full swap over from Mexican produce to California which normally occurs in late spring .
In summary , we re doing great here on Cortes , the shortages we have seen are not vital just an inconvenience.
Fuel supplies are doing fine and prices are plummeting . Gas dropped 16 cents here at the Gorge this week and I would expect the same drop , maybe more after this Tuesday . We have a good supply of car gas and marked mid grade we have 22000 liters as well as 12000 liters of diesel . Propane is stable but we have not seen a price drop on it as of yet , more arrives Tuesday .
Cleaning supplies are in good supply , bleach is a bit of a challenge but I will be posting guidelines from VIHA in a later posting on proper sanitation practices in this crisis.
I want to thank every single person who has come into the store here at Gorge Harbour Marina and ensured that our staff are not put in any jeopardy. Social distancing is natural to many of us but we are all making an effort .
We are limiting the amount of people inside our store at peak times but the wait is no more then 5 minutes . Try to avoid the store at 2 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays since that is when we have orders coming in and things can get a bit hectic.
We have stopped selling pre made coffee so as there is no contamination with the creamer jars etc , VIHA has asked us to remove bulk bins or another self help foods to eliminate that possibility of contamination as well .
There have been already 60 - 100 jobs lost on Cortes but with locals shopping locally the increase in sales is welcome and I feel we can actually add staff over the next week or so to help us out . The longer we shop local the longer we can keep more people employed.
We are still not accepting any tourist visits until May 1 , we will evaluate the situation April 15th and extend that time frame if the situation is not getting much better at that time .
If theres anything we can do let us know and thanks