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General News · 19th March 2020
This is a difficult time for many people, but for seniors and people with compromised health conditions this is even harder. We have a big senior population on Cortes as well as lots of people that are recovering from an illness or have a weaker immune system. There is lots you can do to make things easier for everyone.

Here is how you can help:

Pick up the phone. You know, in the early evening after dinner, those who live alone and usually come out to the stores and post offices might not do so now because they are concerned. Some of them might have travelled recently and are in self isolation. Social interaction is important so I encourage you to pick up the phone and take 20 minutes to chat with someone who is by themselves. Not everyone wants to ask for help or connection but you know who to call. (See Ashe's post)

Stay at home. If you don't need to go out, stay at home and do what you always do, chop wood, plant your garden, read a book or if really bored; clean and/or declutter your house but don't bring anything to the free store until it re-opens :)

If you need to go out, stay 2 meters/6 feet from everyone. It is easier for everybody if there is no awkwardness about it. Don't hug, keep your distance wherever you go and carry on.

Catching the ferry? Stay in your vehicle and if you are a walk on traveller, go upstairs and keep a distance from others. If you see people you know, just wave. Don't stand by their car window and expect them to roll it down. They don't want to. If you know them and want to socialize call them the next day at home or just wait a few weeks to catch up.

Keep washing your hands.

Here is what to do if you need help and/or if you are in isolation:

Post an ad in our classifieds and let us know what you need and specify your neighbourhood. People want to help; pick up groceries, mail (you'll have to fill in a form), prescriptions, a daily check in by phone to see how you are doing, etc....

Remember that if you feel healthy it doesn't mean you are not infected. Go about your life as if you are infected and change your behaviour to avoid transmitting. You don't want to pass it on, nobody wants it. We want to keep Cortes free of it and that's tricky with many people coming and going. But we can do it (if not too late already but at least we can stop community transmission) if everybody that travelled self isolates and everyone else keeps to themselves as much as possible and stays home.

If you think this is all just too much, too overblown and everybody is overreacting, I ask you this: Could you, just for the next while, for the sake of your Cortes neighbours and friends that are concerned, help out? Keep some distance? Thank you!