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General News · 8th March 2020
Mary Clare Preston
On Friday around 65 people came down to the Whaletown Post Office to get their mail only to find a moving celebration, honouring the Whaletown Bay site and the little grey building that houses the Whaletown Post Office. It was a bright day and a happy community gathering of Whaletowners enjoying warm mulled apple cider, brownies and other goodies. There were mixed emotions for some, a little sadness to see the imminent change, the end of an era. Many people were also glad to hear that the service will continue at a new location, by the Gorge Hall.  The Post Office will reopen on Monday at 8:30am at the Gorge Hall site. The mail will flow, incoming and outgoing, but we will not have a computer set up for a while. So you won't be able to send a parcel unless it is in a prepaid box. We will have products for sale, but will not have complete service - like money orders etc. until we get the computer running and internet etc. There are many many thank yous to the many hands who have made this transition possible and successful. We will have new hours at the new location: 8:30am - 11:00am and 11:30am until 4:30pm.