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General News · 26th February 2020
CCHA Family Support - Desta
The search for Miles continues. It has been 19 days of anguish for his family. They continue to search and strategize relentlessly. To find Miles. To find answers.
They are so grateful for this amazing community's huge outpouring of support. Your support is still needed, in particular for coordinated grid search parties and for meals. 

Sign up for coordinated searches here:

Sign up to bring a meal here:
Funds are available for purchase of ingredients. Please contact to access them. 

Today's update from the new Finding Miles website is pasted below. We hope the new site makes it more convenient to check in, learn more and help out. 

Your help is needed and appreciated. 

There is a direct link at the top right corner of the Tideline for easy access to the site. 

Thank you Cortes!



Update Feb 26th

The search for Miles continues…

It has been 19 days since our sweet Miles disappeared wearing inadequate clothing in a confused and agitated mental state. With heavy hearts we are still searching, holding onto the chance that he is alive out there. This little island has never felt so big.


We had a drone team from Strategic Natural Resource Consultants searching with infrared technology on February 20th and 21st. West Coast Marine was here for February 21st to the 23rd searching the coastline up and down from Cortes bay getting a visual of the shoreline but also using underwater cameras. We have also had two volunteer drone teams scouring that stretch of shoreline. We reached out to the Free Bird Project who put us in touch with the Wings of Mercy group who are helping us coordinate an air search. Which is most likely starting with a float plane later this week!

Geographically this island is not a great place to be missing, it is very difficult to see into the canopy of trees from drones or helicopters. Getting on the ground with people and dog teams is our best chance of finding Miles. The CASDDA dog team from Edmonton will be returning on March 6 which is wonderful but it still a long time away for someone who is potentially out in the cold.

It seems that there aren’t enough hours in a day to keep everyone up to date in order to keep the search alive. To the best of my understanding I believe that Miles is lost on Cortes. I hope with all of my heart that he made it off the Island but all of the evidence that I have seen does not point in that direction. His phone has not been charged, his bank account has not been accessed, none of his online accounts have been accessed, he was not visible on the ferry footage. The sad fact is that I think he is still here somewhere.


I have been organizing grid searches, we can cover quite a bit of ground with each person forming a line we can sweep through areas and scratch them off the list of places Miles might be. The first day of the grid search February 23rd 11 people came 2 of which went on their own search and 9 of us made a grid line through the forest, covering 70 hectares in 3 hours very thoroughly. If we could find 10 or more people to come out 5 or 6 more times we could cover the ground that is still concerning to us. I tried setting up grid searches starting at 1pm each day but I don’t think I was reaching all of the people that might have been able to make it. I would love to get a sense of whether or not there are people willing and available to do these types of searches.

There will be a search tomorrow Thursday the 27th at new time 1pm starting at the bottom of Manzanita Rd. We are going to have people on the beach and on top of the cliffs over the beach. We will be moving slowly and staying near each other to try and see every bit of ground. It is quite high with lots of rocks so be aware that this is one of the more difficult spots. This weekend we are going to try to cover two larger areas on Saturday and Sunday that will be flatter and a bit easier to move through. There will be hot soup offered for volunteers after the hike I will announce the locations on Friday. Please let us know if you can make it by filling out this form. That way we can prepare a plan knowing roughly how many people can attend.

If you are planning on coming a few things to note are that we will be going through different types of terrain and over some bluffs. I will post about the difficulty of each hike so hopefully volunteers at different levels can come out if they feel called. Please bring proper footwear, warm clothes, water, a whistle and any extra whistles that you might have, high visibility clothing, a small first aid kit and a phone or digital camera. Please read our Search Guidelines before coming out (if you have not already).


If you are able to continue walking the trails and paths that are known to you please do so. Helping us by continuing to search your own properties and outbuildings as well as any vacant properties that you have permission to search is a great help to us!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped it has been an unbelievable outpouring of support and we feel it!

Jade Jordan (Miles' Auntie)

You can call our new contact number (778) 348-3603 (Campbell River cell) and listen to the message or check this blog to find out exact time and location of the next grid search. Leave a message if you would like us to call back, or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched. You can also comment at the bottom of this post or email