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General News · 22nd February 2020
Roy L Hales
While I do not think a community bullboard is necessarily the best place, we do need a safe place where people can explore the validity of how they perceive things and hear what others think about them. Face to face is always best and part of the process is sorting out which concerns are valid and which are not (as they arise from miscommunication, incorrect facts whatever). Some inappropriate, factually erroneous and cruel things things will be said.

Some people have been talking about holding town hall meetings for at least a year, that I am aware of, and I was pleased when Noba recently raised the idea of a community advisory body.

I like the idea of citizen democracy, even if all we can do is advise.

The amount of misinformation (facts that really are not facts) being pumped out into this community bothers me, but it does not bother the people I've been interviewing about local government. They say it is part of living in a small community.

Our biggest problem really appears to be lack of communication. This does not consist of Noba explaining things, or people posting anonymous rants, or even posts on the Tideline - but rather us collectively sifting through issues, face to face, and coming to collective decisions. Everyone may not agree, but at least we can find out what the majority think and move on.

From what I can see, only a fraction of the population actually come to these meetings - but if you publish an agenda in advance the people who care about those matters can show up.