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General News · 16th February 2020
Kim Paulley
We would like to give a huge shout out to our community, and our friends and family near and far who rose up around us in the aftermath of George’s fall. We will try to mention all who helped out because each and every thing each person did mattered, but if we miss someone, our hearts remember even if our brains did not!
Our heartfelt thanks go out to:
DFO officers who helped at the scene and called the ambulance
Ben & Max on the ambulance
Cortes Health Centre
Health care providers at Campbell River Hospital for ten days
Charlotte and Aislinn by our side at the hospital
Deborah Fontaine who gave us her lovely place to set up camp in CR
Patricia who cared for our cats; Gerry for navigating freezing water lines; Mateo for seeing to various pending disasters around the property
Richard and his crew, Yfan & Dan, who made our job a top priority, brought our materials in from the snow and installed our ceiling
Adam for finishing the painting
Izaak for doing short notice electrical work
Ronald for digging my car out of a snow bank so I could make the ferry to bring George home
Rex and Gerry who cleared the long and winding path of snow and ice for our return and like two great bears brought George safely down to the house
Charlotte 🧡 who came and cared for her papa on my return to work

Lisa for setting up our meal train and the many folks who jumped on that meal train and made us lovely, happy-making dinners, making our early days home immensely easier. Unexpected gifts of food and cards and flowers and donations and many more thoughtful things, and support and help arrived daily too. And we THANK YOU:

Lisa & Rex, Monica & Shannon, Xahha, Dale, Jim & Jan, Suzanne, Sandra & Diane, Caz, Joan & Tom, Art & Cheryl, Christian & Aileen, Dave & Janet, Bobo & Judy, Donna & Bill, Rick & Jan, Bernice & Howie, Laurel & Tom, Laura B, Peter & Noba, Aaron & Jeramie, Oriane Lee, Norm, Nori, Marg & Dick, Bristol & Libby, Norma & Mark, Gillian & Gary, Dancing Wolf, Frances & Dennis, Ruth Z, Patricia, Marion & Tom, Christine & Cec, Josee, Lee & Patty, Cindy B., Eric, Gordon, Ann M, Bhavana, Mateo, Yvonne, and everyone at the Cortes School with extra special thanks to Dayna and Jane and Brent and Janet

We also want to thank our dear family and friends who sent messages filled with love, support and prayers, as well as all who visited George in the hospital. You lifted us up.

Know that George is convalescing nicely, some days better than others, following doctor’s orders: take it easy, do not expect to do much, and don’t hit your head again!

We are counting our blessings.

All our love right back at you,
George & Kim