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General News · 29th January 2020
Marilyn CCHA
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It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the CCHA Augmented Home Support Program has received funding from Island Health (VIHA) for the upcoming year with a commitment from VIHA to provide funding from hereon in.
In January 2014 the CCHA started the Augmented Home Support Program (AHSP) to provide services not provided by VIHA but which are essential to people living here such as transportation to shopping and doctor, healthy meals, moving firewood and light housekeeping. The AHSP assists persons who wish to age in place on Cortes, and not in institutional care. The AHSP also cares for persons after a recent hospital stay, discharged, but unable to "chop wood and carry water" as most of us do to live here. The AHSP provides these basic services and in some instances we provide nourishing meals for those temporarily unable to cook. We do not charge for our service but ask for a nominal fee to help pay for the meals. Besides the social value of being able to provide supportive service, the AHSP has kept people out of hospital, relieving pressure on overworked services, and saving the VIHA system significant dollars. Finally, our pleas have been answered and we have secured a grant for $24,500 from VIHA. This comes after years of effort from our Regional Director, Noba Anderson and the Board of the CCHA.
The CCHA would like to acknowledge the great support AHSP has received from the Cortes community. On numerous occasions when we were running out of money we called out to our community for help. And our community answered by providing fifty-six percent (56%) of our funding thru individual donations and fundraisers. We are deeply grateful to all who have donated and offer you our heartfelt thanks!
The AHSP has also benefited from our Regional Directors Grant in Aid representing 25% of our funding and we thank Noba Anderson for all her help and support. BC Gaming Grants have provided 11% of our funding and an initial VIHA grant of 9% helped launch the program. While it is essential to have funding, it is important to recognize that the efforts of our support staff contribute equally to the success of our program and we offer many thanks to all on our team for their caring and kindness.
We have been able to help 37 people during the past six years and look forward to being able to provide ongoing services to elders and those recovering from serious illness now and into the future.

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