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General News · 9th January 2020
Happy New Year everyone. I cannot believe 2020 is here and although it is already the 9th, it feels like it’s just January 1st. The winter weather has arrived and I hope everyone has enough dry wood and is setup for the winter storms that bring power outages and cancelled ferries. Let's enjoy the sun while it is here!

2019 was not the easiest year and I’m glad 2020 has arrived. It has been a challenging year, especially the last few months. I found out that it is really hard to post articles and notes, receive emails, phone calls and communicate about community members that pass away that you are very close to and love. Grieving while keeping everything going was definitely a big challenge, I was not prepared for it and I am very thankful to everyone that helped me along the way.

We had 328.000 hits this year, that's an average of 32.000 a month. Amazing! We have many faithful Tideline users that check us out often (YOU!) with new people arriving to the site all the time.

Thanks to all of you submitting your ads, all the items you are selling, trading, the workshops you are giving and the rides you are sharing. Thanks to the people submitting the community articles for the centre column; free events, dances, updates, stories and notices. We all appreciate the time it takes you to write it all out!

Did you know we would not be running the way we are without our sponsors? We appreciate their support and the Tideline would not get the time and energy it gets without them. Please support our sponsors, they make it happen together with your donations, thank you!

The Tideline gets checked and updated twice a day. Email or phone number is required as well as your name or your ad won’t show. No exceptions.

A small change for 2020 is that by default the comment option on community articles will be disabled. I get so many not so friendly anonymous comments to sift through that outnumber the regulars that comment and a lot of the comments that are posted on articles that are controversial often get deleted after a day or two. Then people email me why the comments are gone (the author deleted them) or why the article (+ comments) is gone (again, the author deleted it). I have no say over people deleting their own content. I know there are many Cortes groups on social media where the commenting happens on articles that are shared, and I think that is the right place to do so. This does not mean you cannot reply to an article; you can write to the author directly. Or, if you want your thoughts on an article to be public, you can write your own article on the topic. If it fits within our guidelines it will always get posted. We’ll see how this goes...

You can always contact us: and we will try and get back to you within a day…

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Have a great 2020. May it be filled with sunshine, appreciation, kindness, compassion and many special moments here on Cortes with your loved ones, friends, family, neighbours and visitors.