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General News · 23rd December 2019
Kathy Musial
With deep sadness we announce the passing of Steve Musial, beloved brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. Steve died suddenly of natural causes at the home he built on a remote beach on Cortes Island BC, a couple of weeks short of his 64th birthday.

Steve is survived by his loving family: brothers Alex (Dyan), John (Nina), and Rick; sisters Kathy (Lubos), and Joyce (Steve); sister-in-law Marion; nephew Kevin (Maria); nieces Allison (Alex), Sophie, and Stella; many cousins; and lifelong friends from youth and childhood: Donnamarie, Mike, Tony, and Ed. He was predeceased by his mother, Polly, in 2006 and by his father, Alojzy, in 1965.

Steve was born December 30th, 1955 and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He studied at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a BSc in Math. In 1983 while travelling in Canada he found Cortes Island which would eventually become his home, where he lived amongst many treasured friends. Steve was an amazing photographer and captured nature and those around him in a way that gave us joy - he shared his photos widely and freely. He was a very special man, kind and sensitive, loved by so many.

We are left in sadness with Steve’s passing and look forward to bringing together family and friends at a memorial for Steve, to be held on Cortes Island at a later date.
Comment by Lynda Poysor on 5th January 2020
Steve is my lover. I love him. I loved him. He was afraid of my feelings . I threatened frightened him unintentionally. He did not belong in the city. He was full of love and very loving. Missed but never forgotten. Artist, Mathematician, Musician sometimes loner.
Today was a day for you!
Comment by Catriona on 3rd January 2020
The sea and trees were alive in this storm and no doubt you were soaring on the winds with the eagles and gulls!
Steve, a wise, creative being
Comment by Nancy Silver on 1st January 2020
Oh, how saddened I am to hear of this great loss to our dear community. Steve was an icon. He always welcomed me with such enthusiam and love. I will miss seeing him on his bike, or outside of Bertha's. His show at the gallery was a real tribute to all of us. Through his photos he journeyed our lives together. He did it with such creativity and sensitivity. He was an artist and a giver. Thank you, Steve for your being.
Canoe Steve
Comment by sonya friesen on 30th December 2019
" Canoe Steve " remembering him welcoming me to Squirrel Cove, I watched a man in a strange looking canoe paddling across from Boulder Pt., such a sight on the winter waters. Wish I had a picture (maybe someone does ?) So enjoyed my first visit with him on the beach that day, time to listen, observe the beauty of people and place. Steve was such a huge part of making Cortes a " whole community " touched, connected all our moments. So miss you Steve, aka "Bicycle Steve ", " Clam Digger Steve ", " Long Body Short Leg Steve "( don't know if he knew about that one, ha ha, used only when too many bicycle Steve's ).

" Beautiful Blue Twinkle Eyed Steve "
A great childhood friend
Comment by Paige Family on 29th December 2019
We in Hamilton Ontario are saddened. Reflecting on some great memories! Our Red Hill Bowl adventures etc.
My Childhood Buddy
Comment by Peter Paige on 29th December 2019
Steve was an integral part of the "dare devils of Adair" I was privileged to call him my buddy from age 0 and up .. his nickname " the preacher" .. Always calming , always True, always entertaining.
I treasure those memories .. so long
A great childhood friend
Comment by Dave Paige on 28th December 2019
RIP Steve
A farewell to Steve
Comment by john hansen on 28th December 2019
Steve was by all accounts a special human being. I met Steve when I had returned to Cortes in the early 1980s .We worked together in the shellfish industry . Steve became a good friend . He was selfless and lived a simple and uncomplicated life which was the envy of many. Steve was generous to a fault. Even when he had virtually no money , he would give what he had to those who he felt needed it more . R.I.P Steve
Farewell to the caretaker
Comment by Bruce Ellingsen on 26th December 2019
Goodbye to Steve and may you move on to another place as comfortable as was Cortes for you. Ginnie and I, while formerly at Reef Point Farm, considered Steve to be the caretaker of the South end of Cortes in his little beachcomber-built cabin on the water.
Our infrequent conversations were always enjoyable, reflected in the twinkle in his eyes.
Peace to you, Steve.
Deepest condolences
Comment by Lori Timbol on 26th December 2019
Deepest condolences of your loss. Thoughts are with the family during this time. May you have strength. Lori Timbol (Henrietta Easson"s Grandaughter)
R.I.P. Steve Musial
Comment by Stephen Reid on 25th December 2019
Awesome person. He was always kind to me and interested in how I was doing, right from the day I arrived here. Super sweet guy. Rest in Peace Steve.
Missing Steve
Comment by Jennifer Stevens on 25th December 2019
Hi . Kathy and Steve's family. I met Steve when I moved to Cortes Island in 2014. We played Ultimate Frisbee together every Sunday morning. He was always kind and full of interesting facts. I miss him dearly. Thanks for posting those kind words about him. Blessings to you all
Farewell Steve
Comment by Mark on 24th December 2019
Some years back I spent a summer on Cortes and got to know Steve. I used to visit him up on his land, one time he wanted to cook shell fish for me that he had harvested. He loved his land and project but never felt any pressure to complete the build, he liked the pace of the flow of life he was in just right.
I am really happy to have met Steve, I send love to his friends and family
A well-loved guy
Comment by Lynn Smith on 23rd December 2019
I am glad to know Steve's family realize just how loved he was on the island and beyond. My husband and I have come to know Steve from our frequent visits to the island and he is always at the top of the list of folks to visit. We will sorely miss seeing him on our next trip up.
Our hearts go out to Steve's family and other friends who will miss him so much.