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General News · 17th December 2019
Dancing Wolf
A Most Gentle Acquaintance

I met Steve Musial like many others
with Trueman’s old camera in hand
Ten thousand pics of fathers and mothers
and their children dancing on the land

His eye for nature was superb
and his love for it profound
We have to come up with a new verb
and then have another go round

To describe how he photographed
the wild beauty of where we live
or to find just when a child laughed
and then to that family give

A gift more than digital
that they could happily share
His laptop open and pivotal
like his heart so awake and aware

It took years for us to really connect
it wasn’t until after I moved here
Not that our warmth didn’t convect
it was just about timing that’s clear

Always stroking constant stubble
the Universe twinkling in each eye
He wouldn’t focus on the World’s trouble
so much as whatever he walked by

One foot followed the other
from his handmade cabin on the beach
to share with a sister or brother
and deeply our friend could reach

He wasn’t interested in idle chatter
but if that’s what came up so be it
Steve seldom shied away from dark matter
for he had the courage to see it

With fleece lined slippers on his feet
and a cigarette in weathered fingers
I would see him cycling down the street
and the joy of his freedom still lingers

We fell out of touch a few Autumn’s ago
when my life imploded here
I have found since, it’s not what you know
that allows you to be held so dear

It’s how you dance the song you sing
it’s how you react under fire
I loved how Steve would so often bring
passionate action to his desire

Not each and every time
there are no Saints on my contact list
I just appreciated how he could climb
the mountains I so often missed

His special palace was off grid
secluded on the eastern shore
He knew his own drummer he did
In his eyes danced Forevermore

Those shimmering jewels brightly blue
as alive as any I have seen
could in a glance see right through you
but judgments would rarely convene

To say he was one of a kind
is simply too easy I feel
A gentler man I have yet to find
or one more tenderly real

Oh he wasn’t beyond the realm of pain
either giving or receiving
and there is no instrument to explain
what it is I am believing

Other than this aching heart of mine
with it’s radar up to speed
seeing the level of his Love on the fine line
is all the information I need

We have lost too many Dear Hearts
since Summer and before
So Grief emphatically imparts
and my sorrow is no dull roar

I raise my pen so lovingly Steve
then write this finishing rhyme
From the sky of my Soul I do believe
We will see you beyond death and time

Dancing Wolf
December 17, 2019
Words for Steve
Comment by Jennifer Stevens on 25th December 2019
Hi. Wolf- Your words are so touching and eloquent. They describe our friend Steve, so well. Thanks so much