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General News · 10th December 2019
Mark Lombard
The closing date for public comment on the Forest Stewardship Plan (FS) review is this Friday December 13.

For a more details and a draft of the FSP visit the CFGP website at

The FSP is required under the Forest and Range Practices Act, and must be reviewed every five years.

The FSP is separate from the Community Forest Management Objectives (CFMO) which was completed in August of this year.
to cut or not
Comment by Nancy Beach on 12th December 2019
In response to Ian's comment, below, re my "Logging Cortes ~ Ho Ho Ho" earlier posting, I'd like to say that there seem to be more people here than I realized who would prefer to totally eliminate logging. To date, I have supported the idea of "logging sustainably". But, if our Forest Manager can not agree to limit cutting to trees less than 3 feet in diameter at chest height, than I am beginning to reconsider.
to Forest Lovers
Comment by Nancy Beach on 12th December 2019
Dear Fellow Forest Lovers,
If I'm piecing together the puzzle pieces accurately, then, judging from below, the sustainability of the Cortes Forest has not been addressed accurately or well in any of the guiding Forestry documents.
Although I for one seriously requested Maureen Williams to include Bruce Ellingsen's clear recommendation for sustainability in the CFMO, (Cortes Forest Management Objectives), Mark Lombard says it is not included.
I certainly have questions, including, "Why was it not included?" But, since tomorrow is the deadline for submissions to improve the FSP, it appears to be too late for questions. Instead, it is time for our urgent requests. Since apparently the FSP is the only document that the community currently has the opportunity to improve, then we need to insist that Bruce's recommendation be included in the FSP, by emailing Ione. Thank you!

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 01:59:38 a.m. PST, Mark Lombard wrote:

Hi Nancy,

The CFMO link on the website should be working, I just double checked it.

Ione's email address is included with the FSP revision posting on the CFGP website, and is the first item on the homepage.

Bruce Ellingsen's written comments are not on the CFGP website as they are not part of the CFMO or 5 Year Plan.


On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 07:48:55 a.m. PST, Ione Brown wrote:

Thank you Nancy. The information regarding sustainability and timber supply will be discussed during the inventory plot and timber supply review project in the new year. As for now, we are focused on finalizing the FSP over the next month or so then have it submitted to the Ministry. I won’t go further into that as Mark did explain the separation between FSP and Timber Supply/Management Plan on the Tideline post.
Thank you for your comments regarding the FSP, we will certainly look at everything provided before finalizing this FSP in January and all points will be considered during planning and operations.

All the best


CFOP inclusion
Comment by sonya friesen on 10th December 2019
Just to share my comment sent to Ione Brown, RPF as to clarification of the two documents in reference to the current review of our Forest Stewardship Plan .
The 2014 FSP included the Community Forest Operating Plan, CFOP listed as the 3rd governing higher level plan. ( see last two paragraphs below ) The 2019 FSP only mentions it in the introduction of document . As I understand the current CFMO ( replacing the CFOP ) is still missing appendix attachments yet to be included in the document , but regardless of this, the question is why is the old CFOP or the new CFMO no longer listed as the 3rd governing higher level plan in the new FSP ? Answer will most likely be i imagine lack of definable objectives etc.

3.0 Higher Level Plans This FSP falls under the jurisdiction of 3 main ‘Higher Level Plans’: 1) Vancouver Island Land use Plan, February 2000, 2)Cortes Landscape Unit – Sustainable Resource Management Plan – 2012, and 3) Cortes Forestry General Partnership – Community Forest Operating Plan – July 2014.

Cortes Forestry General Partnership – Community Forest Operating Plan – July 2014. The CFOP has been created on Cortes Island following intensive community consultation, and clearly echoes the wishes of the majority of the community. The “Community Forest Management Philosophy” of CFA K4G is presented in the CFOP and this philosophy is adopted by the CFGP. All operations at CFA K4G will strictly adhere to the Cortes Forestry General Partnership – Community Forest Operating Plan.