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General News · 8th December 2019
Cec Robinson
I need to speak here to the 14 Cortes Islanders that took Director Noba Anderson to court.
You have come yet again to the front of my mind, with the recent notices from SRD that they will not cover Nobaís legal expenses to defend herself from you.

I wonder if some folks on Cortes might be starting to forget that you are the ones that officially launched this situation , and how hugely you lost in court. Not one of you even showed up on the court date to take responsibility for your actions. Your lawyer conceded to the judge that you did not have a single piece of factual evidence to support your accusations.
Has anyone forgotten or missed the FACTS ? Go to Cortes Currents-Nov 25-SRD-joint submission. You will find the names of the 14 accusers, a photo of the June 10 decision of the judge, and other clear factual background.

I was going to just vent my outrage at you, but changed my mind.
I was going to list again all the harms that you have done to Cortes Islanders and to Noba and her family, and to our democratic process. I am SO angry with you.

You seem to me to be quietly hoping that enough time will pass, and people will just forget what you did. In my world it does not work that way. I do not believe that in our society we get to cause serious harm to our neighbours, and then just walk away, with no accountability and no consequences.

I also know what always underlies our anger : it is fear.
So, what fear lies beneath my anger ?
I fear ongoing efforts to divide our community.

We will always have things that we do not agree on.
Different points of view are more than fine, they are our strength.
Any positive way forward will always include open, honest, respectful sharing and debate of our different ideas.
But I think this path that you have started to take us down is a dark one.
We need to turn around, and get off this path, before it starts to feel normal.

I no longer want retribution.
We donít have any more time for this kind of BS to continue.
We need healing.
In todayís world we need each other like never before.
Our children need to see us sitting together BECAUSE THEY WILL COPY WHAT THEY SEE.
My door is open to you.

But the ball is in your court.

So, will any of you 14 offer a clear apology to Noba and to the community ?
And what would help to make that apology feel genuine ?
How about paying your one-fourteenth share of her total legal expenses ?

And you might also give us all a very overdue explanation of how 20-30 Cortes Islanders listened to your lawyer stand in the Supreme Court of BC, and tell the judge that you 14 were put up to it . Was he lying to the BC Supreme Court, or else who is that person/people ?

Itís time to complete the story people, so that we can all move forward !

This message to you might just be wishful thinking, but I sure do hope not.
You do have an opportunity here.
If even one or two of you can rise to it, you will lift us all to a much healthier and happier place.

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Whose idea was all this?
Comment by Tamias on 11th December 2019
If the fourteen petitioners whose names are publicly available were "put up to it," I'm with Cec in wanting to know who it was who put them up to it.

If I can send a thought here to that person (or those people), it's this: Please tell us what you need. If you don't know what you need, please take some time to reflect on that. I'm quite sure that trying to bully Noba is not it.

Here's a mini-rant about why your bullying is not what I need, either: Noba is an excellent and very busy friend, mother and community member. She expresses herself clearly, speaks up for what she believes, and gets stuff done. By making trouble for Noba, you're interfering with many worthwhile things that she would otherwise be doing (though, actually, she's doing a pretty good job despite the trouble). But you are also sending out the message that it's not safe to be an honest, community engaged Cortesian! That any of us who speak our truth in public are in danger from anonymous people who can somehow leave us stuck with court costs long after we've proved that we didn't do any thing wrong! What a way to harm the community as a whole.
Mini-rant finished here before it becomes a full-length rant.
Putting it bluntly
Comment by Stephen Reid on 10th December 2019
Correct me if this is untrue, but did Noba get falsely accused of being corrupt? If that is true, its just plain one of those things that warrants an apology.

I am not politically up to date enough to know to what extent I agree or disagree with her politics. Obviously some disagree very strongly, enough that the petition became a reality.

I choose to believe the petitioners have the best interests of Cortes Island at heart. Ironically, the petition has cost us in many ways.

I dont like being blunt, but, it just looks like a pot shot to me without offering up an apology or explanation. An apology is a simple, free way of being accountable and you get personal growth as a by product.

I'm trying hard to see the other side of the story here, believe me. Help me out!

This is not a trifling matter when it affects so many for so long. It can't just be done quietly or go away quietly in a small community like this.

Now is the best time to come together. We share this island no matter what! Even if you consider that to mean we are stuck here together. We also share that we love Cortes. I believe we have more in common than differences.

This heartfelt letter by Cec is a good starting point for dialogue. I share the fear that there is still discord bubbling in our community. But it goes against our best interests, and not necessary. Compromise is kind of forced upon us in a democracy. If any of the petitioners feel remorse for what happened, get it off your chest now. It will take great courage, and you will be relieved, and I think we should receive your words with compassion, and a twinkle of respect for the strength it would take to publicly admit that.
Hear! Hear!
Comment by Ian Lennon on 9th December 2019
Where's the petition button?

We would start a crowd-funding project; but, . . .

Itís Time
Comment by Gorge Harbour Marina Bill on 9th December 2019
I could not agree more .
I am shocked and saddened that 14 people , many of who I have enjoyed spending time with and consider friends , can show no remorse for the actions they have taken against this community .
This story is not over and we all deserve an exclamation fir the actions taken . One of those 14 wrote on the Tideline , that we all need to relax , that their is ď concrete ď proof , proving the case . There wasnít , but the damage done is deep and will not fade away simply by not talking about it .
I donít want to have to avoid a neighbour or another community member because this issue has not been dealt with .
Itís time to heal , itís time for the 14 to step forward and begin this process