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General News · 29th November 2019
Christopher Alder
Hello fellow Human Being and or Aliens let’s talk about cold showers.

I have been reading the back and forth discussions of climate change and actions and what some are said to be teaching the children of the future. Honestly cold showers really hit home with me and what a opportunity to share with anyone and everyone the mental health side of what cold showers can teach us.

I believe first and foremost a cold shower is about the most uncomfortable things ever yet having the presence and self awareness and control to step into an uncomfortable situation and control breathing and thoughts and purpose all somewhat simultaneously. Sort of like life except in life we get thrown into or end up in uncomfortable situations or just overwhelmed by inner insecurities of the fear of being uncomfortable. Let’s face it we all would generally say feeling comfortable is much more pleasant than being uncomfortable but yet this isn't reality to be completely comfortable all the time! How can we practice overcoming our fears if we do not train ourselves to allow the possibility.

Taking a cold shower to save the planet I personally won’t ever do nor do believe I can get my friends to get excited about doing for themselves for the rest of their lives! But personal growth practicing self control, self awareness, self discipline all to stretch my boundaries of being uncomfortable so I can go out into the world a little less afraid of the uncomfortable! Freeing my mental capabilities and energy to go into areas I'm choosing! Of course we all get distracted but refocusing after a uncomfortable happening can for some be extremely difficult. But a shower, cold that is goes through stages and we get to practice with our feelings and awareness each time we go through them! Hence strengthening our minds is like going to the gym to work out our bodies we are just strengthening a different part of our existence. The stages are as follows

First; is fear, because lets face it go take a cold shower and tell me you don't flinch just before stepping in and turning on the cold water. It’s dreadful before the water even touches our skin.

Second; is (flight) uncomfortable oh my goodness this sucks, this water is so cold I want to turn on the hot or get out. Oh my oh my this sucks. But we push through to get to..

Three; growth and gains. Self awareness comes in knowing ok my breathing can help me make this the tiniest bit more tolerable so I will focus on breathing (self control and awareness). Oh wait I’m noticing... I'm also not in an immediate threat of death or injury so running away doesn’t seem necessary anymore either, so now I know that I'm breathing I begin to relax my muscles ever so slightly making this the tiniest bit more tolerable!

Four; self discipline. Now its time to soap up and scrub I actually have to stay in this uncomfortable cold water shower and complete the task to which I am in here to complete. The work sometimes its sucks but we got to get it done!

Five; understanding the uncomfortable better! Notice I didn’t say completely understanding because that is impossible new moments are occurring all the time we cannot treat them like moments we used to know! But we, having now stepped out of cold shower are understanding that the uncomfortable period is now passing. We notice hey I'm alive I handled that well as was able, during which I was aware, I breathed and I was aware of my surroundings. I personally also feel alive, awake and refreshed ready for the day at this point in my day I reach for coffee. It is my first luxury of the day I just enjoy coffee! For some it may be tea or something else that’s fantastic.

Six; is all the bonus I get on top of the self growth & self awareness & self discipline & self control. Bonuses could be plentiful so ill list a few that come to mind;
Better for environment, saves me money, makes me more appreciative, saves me time(nobody stays in for longer than they need to unless it’s warm and inviting).

I felt like sharing after reading discussions on here. I think teaching the children to teach themselves through practices of such could be the ticked to unlocking the wisdom to save our planet. Either that or aliens will come and show is the way or make us their interstellar slaves either way we all just living “lets make the best of ourselves not the best of it” #insight
thank you
Comment by Karen Mahon Carrington on 7th December 2019
thanks for writing - this is a great thoughtful and inspiring piece - great to be reminded: jump in the lake! jump in the ocean! have a cold shower - its like pressing the re-set button on life.
have a cold shower
Comment by michel levesque on 3rd December 2019
Have a hot shower! HAVE A COLD SHOWER! smoke a pipe, wear striped red and blue pajamas, wear no pajamas but tell no one, wear no pajamas tell everyone but not your partner, wear pajamas tell everyone including your partner, devote yourself to mao tse toung stalin or Trotsky or led zeppelin or George Carlin or Henri Miller or Henri Verschuur( first check with Henri Verschuur he might not appreciate being worshiped ) eat spicy food and have a sweaty forehead, then have a cold shower, never shower ever, shower twice a year, carry a pool cue for protection, have faith in persimmon the great, have no faith, have a sense of doom, have a sense of humor.
Comment by Christopher on 30th November 2019

I didn't frame it in context of climate change.

I simply stated what hit home “cold showers” aka what inspired me that I plucked out of a discussion i had been reading. We all get inspired in different ways. Then directly afterwards I stated my intention and context of my post

“Honestly cold showers really hit home with me and what a opportunity to share with anyone and everyone the mental health side of what cold showers can teach us.”

Following which I wrote several paragraphs about self awareness and pushing ones own boundaries and gaining mental experiences and strengthening resilience so on and so forth. To which I followed by stating practices such as this; meaning the awareness of or emotions and emotional responses the steps we go through in response to stimulation of the uncomfortable kind. A mental health sort of practice if you will that has some cool things happening inside the human mind and body when we experience or expose ourselves to those types of practices. Yoga some might say is also similar in a sense. So all the meat and core context was as stated clearly, after the sentence from which two individual words hit home with me. So I'm sorry for any confusion but this post is not about climate change.
Cold ocean water
Comment by Tamias on 29th November 2019
I personally prefer the ocean. Today's swim was lovely. Next time I have difficulty getting down to the beach for my daily swim, I'll think of you, Christopher, and seriously consider a cold shower as an alternative.
LOL, now I'm super motivated to get in the ocean every day this winter just to avoid the alternative. I guess cold showers still don't appeal to me.
context and tangents
Comment by arpad on 29th November 2019
Christopher - you placed everything you wrote into the context of climate change:

"I have been reading the back and forth discussions of climate change and actions and what some are said to be teaching the children of the future."

"I think teaching the children to teach themselves through practices of such could be the ticked to unlocking the wisdom to save our planet. "

I'm sorry I implied that you believe "that you and I as individuals are responsible for the climate crisis" - indeed you wrote much to the opposite.

Otherwise I was simply taking a common tangent off the context of climate change.

Read before commenting
Comment by Christopher on 29th November 2019
This post isn't about climate change! Its about personal growth and mindfulness of our personal growth and being aware to it! Omg people seriously! Go post on the climate change post I'm talking about cold showers and personal growth! Choose to do whatever the heck you want but don’t turn my post into something about climate change re read it seriously.
Re-no connection to climate crisis
Comment by Christopher on 29th November 2019
EXACTLY! No connection to climate crisis I had no intention on taking sides there by encouraging division and disparity amongst our community. I saw a completely different way if looking at subject matter of “cold showers” to bring new ideas to the table to promote TOGETHERNESS AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND POSITIVE EMOTIONS! Cold showers was just “subject matter” that if we are going to personally decide to take one. I was sharing why I would take one for reasons outside climate change because as stated “I would never take a cold shower to save the planet” so what exactly are you upset about? Specifically? Is it because a bonus to all the personal benefits I stated it might help as a bonus to. Is this why? I think your response was very heated even using capitalization for the yelling effect! To say essential I’m missing the point altogether? Well I wasn’t trying to make your point or take sides! Was just sharing how if we go at ideas with a self aware approach there is a solution available but if we cant even communicate in a healthy manner how do we expect to come together when it hits the fan! Thanks for your response.
A comparison
Comment by Jack on 29th November 2019
Firstly Arpad's comment is on the mark.
Re showers, well, "to each his own"
Just for comparison though:
a quick search on the energy consuming internet reveals:
Taking a hot 5 minute shower ever day produces about 375Kg of CO2 per year.
Using a cell phone for an 1/2 hour a day produces about 675 Kg of CO2 per year.
I don't have a cell phone, so I will continue to enjoy a hot shower.

Use it up, wear it out, recycle it
no connection to climate crisis
Comment by arpad on 29th November 2019
very interesting perspective, I think alot of folks can tune into this.
I do not however agree that you and I as individuals are responsible for the climate crisis and think this is a dangerous idea - people start focusing on what they personally are 'responsible' for and avoid the elephant in the room. The climate crisis is just ONE crisis among several that are a direct result of the system within which we all operate. CAPITALISM. The profit motive will always lead to a tragedy for the commons.