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General News · 26th November 2019
Michel Levesque
Climate change and a coop protest, great thing to talk about...
Yes we can all compassionately go extinct while burning fuel and posting kitty cat pictures on facebook. We can do it turning in a circle and chanting in front of the coop. It's all the same to me. With all due respect and no offense to anybody especially Nancy, this is what we do in Canada.
The internet is the problem. Driving is the problem. Buying stuff is the problem, Capitalism is the problem. We use something like 100 million barrels of oil a day in the world. That is one hundred thousand thousand barrels a day... Energy used by internet data centres doubles every four years or more. The internet is a massive energy consumer...especially color pictures of cats and small insignificant protests...
Mind you I'm no different than anybody. I use the internet and drive that big red crummy with the 460 motor in it, and I don't really care.
What the hell, everybody is pretending to care, the school is teaching the kids to take cold showers and not eat palm oil to "save the planet" (the "planet" doesn't need saving that is absurd...that would be like a toddler trying to save his parent). It's all absurd. Don't eat cows 'cause they fart... and, my daughter adds: they also belch.
The problem is and always has been Capitalism. Nobody deserves more than a roof, good food, safety and security, freedom from violence. Riding your bike then going on vacation in Hawaii for Christmas is ok but don't bother me about climate change.... Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
If you want to fight climate change fight Capitalism. Save forests. Interfere with pipelines and tar sands expansion. Interfere with the internet, interfere with Capitalism and don't teach your kids they need a phone and a computer etc...
Once again all you have a right to is a roof, food, freedom from violence (good luck with that), you know what I mean...
Relax, have your palm oil cookie as long as it grew in your neighborhood, have a warm shower and be cool, but not too cool, you aren't going extinct, your grandchildren and great- grandchildren will be....
Comment by Ian Lennon on 4th December 2019
This is supposed to be ironic, isn't it?
thankyou Michel
Comment by sonya friesen on 27th November 2019
well said, agree completely , and also well said Nancy , the shared intention here is clearly interfere with capitalism, i think the negative impact of sharing a picture of a local climate protest will pale in comparison to kitty porn posts in internet energy consumption . So maybe that's a win, however I do like my cats and kettle chips , but still have no hot shower., and do like to laugh at myself and my ideals.
Anyone interested in a ev carshare co-op, peer2peer , or a community bus ?
Solution to global warming
Comment by loyd fairweather on 27th November 2019
Many people think that solar and wind will fix global warming.These technologies use huge amounts of fossil fuels to make them and will take many years to offset that cost.
But "Cold fusion" will end all fossil fuel use with possible exception of air travel.
Its also called LENR. The problem now is its unstable and not easy to use.We need more research to make this work.Energy cost would approach zero with this technology.
Remember to have your kids spade or neutered.
Comment by mike malek on 26th November 2019
Help control the animal population. Well good night folks.