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General News · 12th November 2019
sabina leader
This award-winning wildlife documentary asks the question… What does it take to save a species?
It is a story about – HOPE.

Join Co-director Isabelle Groc for an introduction to the Cortes screening of Toad People...
3 pm, Sunday, December 1, 2019
Linnaea Education Center

This is a film for the whole family!
Donations welcomed at the door.

TOAD PEOPLE is the 2018 Panda Award Winner; AKA the Wildlife Oscars!

Check-out the trailer at

British Columbia currently has NO LAW to protect species at risk. But everywhere in the province, local communities are taking action to stand up for species at risk.
In B.C., more than half of all amphibian species (frogs, toads & salamanders) and reptiles (snakes, lizards & turtles) are at risk. They’re struggling because of habitat loss, especially wetlands, as well as road mortality, invasive species (American bullfrog), pesticides, climate change and disease.
Western toads are no exception. In B.C., their populations have experienced significant declines.
TOAD PEOPLE invites us to make room in the world for another species… the western toad.

Isabelle Groc has also recently written a children’s book about species at risk - Gone is Gone: Wildlife Under Threat - and will be selling & signing copies for folks before/ after the screening.

This event is sponsored by the Cortes Wild! partnership:
Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society (CIMAS) Friends of Cortes Island Society (FOCI)
Linnaea Farm Society (LFS)
Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping Project (DIEM) Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS)

Our Wild Cortes natural history exhibits and new interactive ECOlab will be open to the community from 2pm – 3pm and 4pm – 5pm; before and after the screening of TOAD PEOPLE.
Come out and meet the WILD! side of Cortes Island!!!