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General News · 26th October 2019
Be careful what you believe.

As someone who worked for years for an organization that provided contraception and abortion services in a semi-rural area of the US, I understand the barriers to access for women's reproductive health. I also understand how incredibly divisive this issue is in the US - I've had to look at the graphic signs day after day; I've been called names that are unconscionable; I've had to take an alternate route home after work to make sure I wasn't being followed; and I've had to stand in court and give my name and position in public testimony to make sure that those breaking the law were prosecuted.

Our local referenda have nothing to do with abortion. Our local referenda have nothing to do with the US. Our local referenda have nothing to do with choice in the sense that the word is being used.

As an aside, the right to an abortion in Canada was protected under a 1988 Supreme Court decision based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While there have been a few challenges, they haven't gone far and abortion services are relatively accessible (compared to the US). There is simply no way that a local referendum would allow an infringement of a right such as this.

The "Referenda Restricting Choice" article is disengenuous at best and a red herring at worst. It presents a false choice. It is meant to further divide the community in a most despicable way - by importing the vitriol of an overcharged issue in the US to Cortes Island.

I trust that people on Cortes will continue to believe in democracy and continue to work together even if "majority rule means things don't always go the way you like." That's what maturity and integrity are all about.

Eric Hargrave
well said
Comment by De Clarke on 27th October 2019
Yeah, being obliged to pay around $100/year for a community tax-supported service is just _so_ comparable to being forced to bear an unwanted child - and all the heartbreak that entails! At first glance I thought that such arrant nonsense merited no response, but on reflection I thank you very much Eric for the solid reality check. You spared me the tedious chore :-)
Handled with care
Comment by Jonas Fineman on 26th October 2019
Thank you for an eloquent response to an attempted pairing of significance that I find extremely offensive and poorly planned. I am proud to see tempered and informed language matched with a practical and respectful tone...all sides of any topic in discussion, should take note of this format and it’s strength.
Thank you so much
Comment by Gabriel Dinim on 26th October 2019
Thank you for the human depth and clarity of your response.
Ethical and intellectual dishonesty is the stock in trade for people who sow confusion and division deliberately and strategically.
I think of it as a form of pathology because that behavior exhibits a completely lack of ethic.
Thank you so much.
Comment by Carrie Saxifrage on 26th October 2019
Yeah. Thanks.
Comment by glenna on 26th October 2019
Well said Eric !