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General News · 23rd October 2019
Bill Dougan
This is the world we live in .
One where in last week Marketer a claim that an actual referendum and vote is not a legitimate form of democracy. Why is this ? The writer claims that because property owners have not been made aware of this vote it is not legitimate . The writer never mentions non property owners so she must assume that they all do know but for some mysterious reason property owners are being left in the dark .
Not only does she claim that a direct vote is not an exercise in Legitimate democracy but she goes onto claim that 10 years ago when the alternative approval process was used it was legit . Let me explain to you what the AAP is . It is where if 10% of the electorate writes to the RD against a topic then they have to decide how to proceed . In this case they decided NOT to have a referendum . They did not decide that a hall tax was not going to proceed or was illegtimate just that they were taking no further action on the topic .
This is the world that we live in on Cortes Island , one where a direct vote is not legitimate democracy but letter writing by a small but vocal group was/is.
It is my strong belief that many anti hall tax actions are actually anti democratic actions . How other wise can you possibly believe that one person , one vote is not a legitimate form of democracy
Comment by Peter Jackel on 24th October 2019
Thanks, Bill, for your article.