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General News · 22nd October 2019
Cortes Social Profit Forum Community Update

As the newly formed Cortes Island Foundation, it was an honour to convene the first ever, and long imagined, Cortes Social Profit Forum on September 28th of this year.
The term ‘social profit’ is used to describe organizations of many types that return a social profit to society rather than a financial profit to shareholders. At the Forum, over 50 people, representing over 30 community groups, shared a day of learning, sharing and co-creating. Representatives from all invited groups but one were present! We are SO grateful to all that spent the day with us, and the positivity and curiosity that people brought with them. Above all, it became apparent how all the groups, working in service of our community, are parts of a larger whole.
The day started with an introduction to the Foundation and our mission to build a culture of philanthropy in support of community priorities. Many great questions were asked and we truly received excellent input that will be incorporated into these early days of our formation.
After that, we did some exercises that gave us all a really good sense of who was in the room and what strengths and needs were commonly shared. Everyone together created a wall representing all the local organizations and their respective projects. Although the image is white-on-white, we urge you to take some time looking at how many groups serve us all!
We spent the afternoon answering some big picture questions such as ‘how can we better engage youth in community work?’ and ‘how will our work be affected by climate change?’ and ‘what can we do through cooperation that we are not able to do well alone?’ We will be compiling a report from the Forum to share back with all participants and their respective organizations and there was certainly interest to continue to gather in more informal ways over the winter.
We offer great gratitude to all the groups present. We commit to making this an annual event and look forward to a collaborative future together. If you are interested in learning more about the CIF, or getting involved, please contact us by email at .


the Cortes Island Foundation Board
Deepa Narayan, Jodi Peters, Mark Spevakow, De Clark, Christina MacWilliam, Ian Watson & David Rousseau.

Cortes Social Profit Groups present:

Klahoose First Nation

Registered Charities:
Cortes Community Health Association
Cortes Island Firefighting Association
Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society
Cortes Island Senior's Society
Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society
Friends of Cortes Island Society
Linnaea Farm Society
Southern Cortes Community Association

Formal Societies:
Cortes Community Economic Development Association
Cortes Island Foundation
Cortes Island Radio
Cortes Island Seafood Association
Harbour Authority of Cortes Island
Whaletown Community Club

Committees/projects of another organization:
Cortes Housing Initiative
Cortes Island Emergency Social Services
Cortes Literacy Now / Folk U
Cortes School Parent Advisory Council
Cortes Women’s Resource Centre
Old School House gallery
Reel Youth

Informal groups:
Cortes Cat Rescue
Cortes Food Bank
Free Store

Cortes Community Forest Co-op
Cortes Craft Co-op ( invited but not present)
Cortes Natural Food Co-op
Island Car Share Co-op

Community Forest General Partnership

Special Guest:
Surge Narrows Community Association & Discover Island Ecosystem Mapping