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General News · 22nd October 2019
De Clarke for CTCH
Now that the excitement of our Federal Election is over, we ask everyone not to forget that other voting day coming up soon:  Saturday, October 26th.  Less than a week now!

On the 26th, Cortes Island gets to vote on two referenda — for real this time! — on issues of importance to our community.  One is Bylaw 328, which would fund First Responders training for our volunteer Fire Department.  The other is Bylaw 341, which would fund baseline operational expenses for our Community Halls.

If you've been around for longer than a few months, you are probably aware that discussion of a Community Hall support service has been in the air for more than ten years.  It's taken us a long time to get to a real referendum on the issue, where your voice will make a difference.  Don't miss out on your chance to shape our island's future!

Do you have to be a property owner to vote?  No.  SRD has given us very clear rules on who can vote, and our Regional Director has published them widely.  You can read them for yourself right here:

Didn't we settle this last October?  No.  Last October's referenda were "non-binding," meaning that they only reflected our desire to have a real vote on the issues;  they did not decide the issues themselves.

Will this vote finally settle the matter?  Yes.  If these referenda are defeated, it will be a long time before SRD will want to consider these proposals again.  If they are passed, we can all move on.  The strain of leaving them undecided has gone on too long.

Either way, it's important to get an accurate sense of the community's will on both issues:  we need a good turnout to feel that the results are really representative. So please, don't forget to come out and vote.

Vote YES on Bylaw 328 if you would like our fire department volunteers to receive paramedical training in life-saving techniques for emergency situations.    Vote YES on Bylaw 341 if you want to ensure the future of our Community Halls, as most other communities in the Salish Sea region have done for theirs.

We encourage you to vote YES & YES, for Cortes Island,  October 26th, Saturday.  See you at the polls!

If you need a ride to your local polling station please contact Sue Ellingsen (she's in the phone book) or reply to the email address for this article.  Sue has a list of volunteer drivers to bring you safely there and back.  (Your ride does not depend in any way on how you intend to vote.  We won’t ask.)

Please remember to bring appropriate ID to the polls, or someone who can vouch for your residency qualification.  To reduce wait times, consider filling out the voter registration form below and bringing it along.  Remember to get your signature witnessed, either by a friend beforehand or by the official at the polls (preferred).  

Also please remember to remove all campaign materials from your vehicle on voting day, before you drive within 100 metres of a polling station. We are advised by SRD that no campaign slogans or materials should be within this radius of the polls.

Resident Voter registration form:
One-stop Information Page:

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Poll Hours
Comment by De Clarke on 24th October 2019
Oops, forgot to mention that the polls are open all day from 8am to 8pm!