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General News · 19th October 2019
Hayley Newell
Norm Gibbons is a man of many talents. He is loved and known by many a discerning reader through his three published books. However, more recently, he was seen at the Friday Market standing with (and behind) his ‘Fermented Love’ products.

‘Fermented Love’ was born less than a year ago as a small-batch production of organic fermented Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha, and Kvass. Fermentation (or Zymology) is an ancient process that produces chemical changes in organic substances through the action of enzymes. Through that process fermented foods become super nutritious as well as healing for the gut.

Like the alchemists of old, Norm pores over reference books while tending bubbling cauldrons to produce the most delicious fermented products that I, for one, have ever tasted. This excellence does not surprise. Everything Norm does, he does with love, care and very deliberate consideration.

What did surprise me was Norm's decision to donate, over the course of four weeks, the proceeds from four Fermented Love products to the CortesCommunityHousing project. When I asked him why, he said, “I was spurred on by what Valerie from Glass Moon did with her Ice Cream Social benefit, which turned out very well, so I decided to do something along the same lines.”

Why the Housing Initiative, I asked, when there are so many island causes in need?

He said, “I guess the reason would be that I’m much more familiar with the issue and the problem on this island. I know people that get evicted every summer and then have to find a place to live - they never have a permanent residence - but I had never realized how big an issue it was until the housing committee started to let people know about this. It looms as the major issue on the island at this time.”

By donating the proceeds from Sauerkraut one week, Kombucha the second week, Kimchi the third week and Kvass the forth, Norm raised $1025 towards housing for long term residents of Cortes Island who need a stable home.

We know it takes a community to raise a village. One brick at a time. One ice cream at a time. One jar of kimchi, one hour of volunteering. Everything helps, no matter how big or small. Let’s keep being creative, so that we continue to make this dream a reality together.

With gratitude, from your Cortes Housing Committee