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General News · 13th October 2019
Gabriel Dinim
There is no such a thing as "the race card", that is a colonial term that justifies colonial authority.
We are talking about Nations that were self governing, Nations that were conquered by force, subjugated, forced to renounce their laws, their customs, their loyalties, their children.
Nations conquered, forced to live a life on the margins of the conquerors, made to feel that they were an inferior specie, so conquered that many crossed the street, to not be on the same sidewalk as the "white" woman.
We have as a Nation acknowledged a collective guilt towards the multiple form of genocides perpetrated against the indigenous people that occupied this land.
What we have not yet done as a Nation, and are being dragged kicking and screaming by the courts into recognition, is that the conquered people actually belong to Nations that refused to be conquered and demand to be recognized as Nations within the Canadian federation.
This is not an issue of race this is an issue of a colonial attitude so profoundly ingrained that it is not capable to apprehend the profound rightness of the aspirations of a Nation.
Steven Brown's request on behalf of his people have nothing to do with race, nor with special treatment, they are the considerations given by one Nation to another.
Well said.
Comment by Elizabeth Anderson on 25th December 2019
Gabriel always hits the nail on the head. I was shocked and dismayed at the FAC meeting when Stephen so locically stated the need for the van and he was thwarted so rudly and ruthlessly by someone who has spent far too long in politics.
chiming in late
Comment by De Clarke on 25th October 2019
Well, actually ya know, the way I see it, the person really "playing the race card" is the Anglo person who feels entitled not to have to listen to or respect first nations opinions or perspectives, entitled to dismiss those perspectives casually. Just saying.
Comment by Bob on 16th October 2019
To me, it's about respect. They were here first.
Fierce Love
Comment by Dancing Wolf on 15th October 2019
Thank You Gabriel

For speaking your truth, which further informed my own understanding of these delicate matters in an enlightening way.

There is a time for poetry and a time for straight talk and the fierce love in your words is humbling and at the same time inspiring.

Dancing Wolf
Thank you Gabriel & please write letters!
Comment by Manda Aufochs Gillespie on 15th October 2019
Thank you Gabriel,

The race card here was both misused and distracting us from having our voices heard. Speak up and let the ferry-powers-to-be know that as islanders we support each other. This idea of allowing a van with individuals destined for healthcare and similar services is such a small way for us to be more resilient as islanders and to show respect for each other and our differing needs. I feel extremely grateful for Steven trusting our community to support our neighbours in this way and asking for our help and I thank you Gabriel for helping break through the rhetoric. I have written a sample letter and am happy to share it with those who'd like to have their voices heard in this small way.
Thank you
Comment by Odette,Hollyhock on 14th October 2019
Excellent and exact, Gabriel! Thank you - Miigwetch ;)
Comment by Ashley Zarbatany on 14th October 2019
Thank you, Gabriel, for speaking the truth and standing up for First Nations. Canada needs more people like you to speak up like this.
very well said
Comment by arpad on 14th October 2019
merci Gabi