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General News · 29th September 2019
Linda Rae Peters
Thank you!
The Whaletown Post Office Committee is happy to report that the commercial insurance has been paid – thanks to the generous support of our community. In a stroke of good luck, the cost turned out to be $1,300, rather than $2,000. We have now raised a little more than $1,100 for the moving costs.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to raising this money that gives us time to agree on the right home for the Whaletown Post Office. We are very grateful for your support. A very special thanks goes out to Ann and David Hiatt who led the charge with a spectacular donation of $500. Thank you very much, Ann and David!

And, thanks to the new owners patiently allowing the Whaletown Post Office to remain on their property, we have until the Spring of 2020 to make a final decision on the site, raise the money to make the move, and execute the move. We have a lot to get done between now and then.

Site Selection
Mary Clare and the committee have already done quite a bit of work on potential sites in Whaletown. Their three choices are outlined in the FAQ.

If you have a new idea for a site that is in Whaletown, please email Linda your idea and the contact details for the owner by October 15.

The new site will need:
- Washroom
- Drinking water
- Power we can tap into (ideally without needing a new power meter)
- Parking for 4 cars
- Non-residential insurance
- Wide enough roadway, or reasonable access, so we can transport and move the building
- Wheelchair access

So far, the Gorge Community Hall site is the strongest choice. The WCC has kindly agreed to consider allowing the Whaletown Post Office to move to and rent space on the Gorge Hall property; but the decision has not yet been made. The committee is working on gathering the necessary information so the WCC can put this to a vote.

Next Steps
In the next few months, the Whaletown Post Office Committee will be working on three things:
- Gathering information about the Gorge Community Hall site so the WCC can vote about moving the Whaletown Post Office to this location.
- Raising money to pay for the moving costs.
- Planning a “Whaletown Post Office” public meeting to update the community.

We are so grateful for all your donations so far. If you want to donate to the moving costs, there are envelopes at the Whaletown Post Office that can be dropped under the wicket and we will have a “Donate to the Whaletown Post Office Move” Jar at the Gorge Harbour Store.

Thank you very much, everyone, for getting involved and helping preserve this essential community service.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to be a part of the Whaletown Post Office Committee, please email Linda.

Your Whaletown Post Office Committee
Mary Clare Preston
Hubert Havelaar
Cec Robinson
Chris Napper
Carol London
Rod Lee
Karen Lee
Linda Peters -