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General News · 19th September 2019
Cpl. Sean Bulford
With summer over, the traffic, and ferry line ups are returning to normal on our Islands. As of today, we have responded to 640 calls for service this year, with an expected spike in calls during the summer months.

I would like to remind or warn people on our Islands about some continuing trends.

Impaired Driving:
Unfortunately impaired driving is still a continuing trend across the country, and our Islands are no different. On average 1700 people a year are killed in impaired related collisions in Canada. We would like to remind Island residents to call in suspected impaired drivers. We take these calls seriously and make efforts to locate them. Recently members responded to an impaired driver on Cortes Island, and were able to attend by police vessel and locate the driver, who was issued a 90 Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition. In June a concerned citizen called in a suspected impaired driver at the pharmacy on Harper Rd. Members attended immediately and located the driver, who was about to drive through our school zone as the kids were getting out. This individual was so intoxicated they could barely stand.


We recently received reports regarding a rash of thefts from some of our local small businesses. These seemed to happen when the employees were distracted with a larger volume of customers. At this point there is no indication they are related. We would like to remind people to call and report these incidents. It's important that we understand the scope of the problem. Even if the item was of minimal value, it is still worth while to file a police report.

School Zone:
We would like to remind drivers that school is back in and we will be conducting enforcement in our school zone along Heriot Bay Rd throughout the year. This is a very short distance to have to slow down, and you will not miss the ferry by going 30 km for that short distance. The intersection at Heriot Bay Rd, and Harper Rd, is also a three way stop. There are no yield signs at this intersection, and we kindly ask that you bring your vehicle to a complete stop before proceeding.

Phone Scams:
Despite recent arrests in other countries, these scams continue unabated. There is always a new angle and they are relentless. Just please remember that Service Canada does not issue arrest warrants for problems with your SIN card, nor does Revenue Canada arrest people. If you receive an automated message stating you've won something, or may be in legal trouble, disregard it. Law enforcement agencies do not use automated phone systems to perform enforcement work. I have received three of these calls in the last week on my Federal Government work phone, so they really are casting a wide net, waiting to find those people that respond. Please don't be one of them!

Please stay safe, report suspicious behaviour, and arrange a designated driver.


Cpl. Sean Bulford
Regimental No. 54239
NCO i/c
Quadra Island Detachment
cell: (250)204-1676
Reaction fishing
Comment by Stephen Reid on 20th September 2019
School zone speeding is a no no. Even worse than Speculative assumptions generally thrown out using the cops as back up!
I would like to address the crime of impaired driving. 1700 deaths per year, wow. Presumably some of those deaths are school children, and sober drivers trying to get home. Unfortunately it is still quite socially acceptable by many otherwise good honest and upstanding people. My best answer is walk home because the fresh air is a great way to sober up before bed.
And to the RCMP thanks for taking it seriously. My suggestion is to make the penalty more of a deterrent than a 90 day suspension, something that is more suitable for a crime responsible for 1700 deaths per year.
School Zone II
Comment by Paul Ryan on 19th September 2019
Gee Don, you had better reread my first post! I am hardly singling out Cortesians for being the only ones speeding through the school zone on their way to the ferry! Although it's pretty easy to pick out the offenders since you all arrive en masse! We have our fair share on Quadra as well!
Thanks for spending your money on Quadra!
Comment by Bill Dougan on 19th September 2019
Paul you let your inside voice out .
Cortes People
Comment by Bertha Jeffery on 19th September 2019
Don I think you are over reacting. No where did Paul accuse us as being the perpetrators of this speeding. He said people rushing for the ferries which does include some of us but also includes many Quadra Islanders. He was merely giving us a heads up. Thank Paul. I didn't take it personally as I know how much of a problem speeding in the School Zone is on Quadra, Cortes and the rest of the district. And I will continue to slow down in school zones both here, on Quadra and elsewhere.
And I continue to love and respect my Quadra neighbours.
Cortes people
Comment by Don Tennant on 19th September 2019
Gee Paul, so you’ve done extensive research to allow you to be sure that it’s largely Cortes residents that violate the school zone speed limit have you?
Sitting out daily with a radar gun, noting all the Cortes Island indicators hanging from rear view mirrors as we speed through?
I agree that folks need to be cognizant of the school zone, but could we please tone down the anti Cortes nonsense? We are all islanders . Personally we’ve spent many thousands of dollars with Quadra businesses over the last few years. None of those businesses refused my tainted Cortes money.
School Zone
Comment by Paul Ryan on 18th September 2019
Are you listening/watching Cortes people? The speed limit from corner to corner in front of the school is 30k. There has been a campaign in place most of the year about getting vehicles to slow down through the school zone. It's common knowledge that the most common offenders are those rushing for the ferry! There is a campaign going on to change the zoning from school to playground so the speed limit would be in place all year round! Forewarned is forearmed! The RCMP will be watching.