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General News · 21st September 2019
Nancy Beach
We Can Do This Too! Let's Join the World on Friday at the Cortes Natural Food Co-Op Courtyard and Oppose Climate Change! The time will be at noon on both Fridays, & we'll walk up to meet the children joining us from the School, & then back to the Co-Op. Signs & Cameras are welcome, so be prepared to have photos online.

Come early to park on the side-road & avoid traffic congestion. The Sept. 27 event coincides with the "" World Wide Event. Let's Wake Up!

Avaaz world-wide event:
How does one oppose reality?
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 27th September 2019
Actually Patricia,,, that is 4 island vehicle trips for one town trip,,, far more than needed.
Several years back I was Petsitting in south end and offered rides to and from the ferry to reduce those unneeded trips (as I was only doing walk-on) and not one single person embraced the opportunity to reduce their fuel consumption. Two individuals did accept the opportunity for easing their bike transport.
How about a climate changing action attraction, where we share all the pointers for how we as individuals can practice the changes needed to continue having fresh air to breathe and local food to eat. Plant food!
Carrington Bay
Comment by Blanca on 26th September 2019
Would love to see this move to the entrance of Carrington Bay - global impact through local change.
try your best not to drive?
Comment by Jodi on 26th September 2019
as we aim to wean ourselves from fossil fuels - maybe you can bike, walk, row, sail or carpool (or some combo) to the climate strike
Action speaks louder
Comment by patricia on 26th September 2019
One thing we could do is stop puting cars in the ferry line the night before. This means that for one car going to town, there are 2 trips to Whaletown and 2 trips back.
Vote with feet.
Comment by Max Thaysen on 19th September 2019
ya, I'm gonna go. Sometimes you just gotta show up.