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General News · 10th September 2019
Nancy Beach
It is now 9:18 P.M. on Sept. 10 & I'm still looking forward to a response to the following email I sent CFGP/Mark yesterday.

Dear Mark,
Was there a meeting at Klahoose on Sept. 8 that I missed, or was that last year? I found the Notice on tideline, & then lost it. In any case, since your tideline Notice says logging of the roadway at Carrington is planned for Sept. 16, '19, I have a few questions.

Since your Notice directs us to the CFOP 5 year plan described on the Forestry website, and since that plan still notes the plans to log before 2019 (which did not occur), without any apparent update, I would like to know exactly what updates have been made to the plan. I know Maureen was seeking public input to determine what updates should be made. I would like to see the results clearly highlighted, preferably including on your website, so they are easily visible.

So, is the width of the road right of way still expected to be 15 to 20 meters? And are you willing to avoid cutting trees which are 3 feet in diameter or greater, (at chest height)? And are you planning to build the roadway because you can see that logging in the area that the road is leading to will be feasible in the foreseeable future, & if so, when? Are you planning to build the road with, or to accommodate, large off-island equipment, or with on -island equipment?

People like me don't necessarily read Tideline often, & I don't think I received a direct emailed Notice of the Sept. 16 road building. So, it would be good if you email us directly any of your tideline forestry notices. Thank you, & best!